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KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration Drink was spotted at Durham’s popular Dunelm Food Stores for £20 a bottle.

This is despite KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, denouncing the exorbitant resale price of the drink, saying, “I hate resale.” Resellers, on the other hand, are forced to raise their prices due to high shipping costs.

Prime Drink has been incredibly popular since it was launched late last year, with reports that bottles are being resold across the UK at a premium. At £1.99 per bottle, well above Asda’s £2 per bottle retail price.

Through further research, Dunelm’s resale value appears to be particularly high. By comparison, at a convenience store in Ayrshire, two bottles he sold for £12.50 made national news. As of January 11th, the drink is currently sold out on the Prime website, but can be found online at Amazon for £20.99.

“Me and Logan are not getting any income from Prime. Everything is back in business to increase supply.”


Resellers are finding creative ways to attract customers with their beverages. Nearby town cafe Creams of Seaham is reportedly selling Prime drinks for £18 as part of a dessert meal deal.

The 500ml beverage is marketed to help improve athletic performance. The six flavors are Meta Moon, Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, and Grape. Ingredients include 10% coconut water, BCAAs (amino acids that aid in muscle growth), antioxidants, electrolytes, zinc, and the drink is sugar-free.

YouTube stars have high hopes for the company, declaring in a livestream that they want to “compete against the biggest companies on the planet” in beverage brands.

KSI is holding resellers accountable in response to reports that drinks are being sold well in excess of retail price. claims to have contacted them to lower the price. I’m Asda.”

On Twitter, KSI responded to fan complaints and furthered its stance on increasing resale prices, stating: All are back in business to increase supply. We are testing people. ”

“You can only get it for £17 a bottle, so you’re only making £3 a bottle.”

Imad Ali, Operations Director, aykely group ltd

However, resellers accuse them of having to set prices high because of high shipping charges. Imad Ali, Operations Director of Aykley Group Limited, which operates Dunelm Food Stores, said: These costings could not be confirmed.

Ali went on to claim that Prime “did this on purpose” by only allowing a small number of retailers to sell its products, creating a small, inaccessible supply that would create a hype effect. I am provoking

He’s not the only one to see this as a smart business move by the two YouTube stars. As one Durham student commented:

“However ridiculed the price is, it is a win for both the brand and its founders in showing strength and disrupting the industry.”

Image: Wasim Mohammed

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