Woman with vision impairment refused drink at Adelaide hotel because she didn’t have a carer

A visually impaired woman says she was refused a drink by an Adelaide bartender because she was “unattended” and “unattended”.

Vanessa Lansley said the incident was “soul-crushing”, but she chose to talk about it to remind others of their rights.

Lansley recently arrived in Adelaide “unaccompanied” from Hobart and checked into a hotel room at Stamford Grand in Glenelg on Sunday before heading to the bar for cocktails at the Horizon Cocktail Lounge. Told.

“And the man wouldn’t serve me because I didn’t have a ‘caregiver,'” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

Lansley said she didn’t need a caregiver, but tried to explain it to no avail.

“I had a ‘safety risk’ and he wasn’t ready to serve me a drink. I thought it was interesting considering I went to the bar myself and went to the hotel myself. “But I can’t drink myself. Yeah, it’s pretty devastating,” she said.

“It sucks to know they are wrong and that my human right is to drink. It destroyed the soul.”

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