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Hyderabad: During the festive season, friends, family and colleagues gather to celebrate Christmas and New Year. But consumers are more sensitive than ever about what they drink, so pubs, bars and restaurants need to make sure they have the right products on offer. Making it possible at Prost Brewery are breweries Arun Kumar, Beverage Head, Florian Kosina, Brewmaster, Prost and Iron Hill. It’s family fun season, but Arun and Florian are away from home to serve Hyderabadis with the best drinks.

Both Florian and Arun have partnered with Prost for the past five years and have been busy creating signature beers and beverages to whet your taste buds. Speaking about his association, the brewmaster said: Since coming to Hyderabad from Bavaria, Germany for this opportunity, I have enjoyed working here. Unlike Germany, where people only love his one type of beer, here you can enjoy all kinds of beer, strong or fruity. I also love the freedom to create your own flavor combinations. Every year we plan to create a unique drink and this year was no different. In summer he made mango beer, at Christmas and New Year lemongrass beer and Christmas he made Weizenbock. ”

Using seasonal fruits in drinks is an unspoken rule. “After doing multiple jobs with different profiles, from bartender to now Beverage Head, my desire to try the drink grew. We are working on a zero waste concept, but at the same time we are working on flavors,” says Arun from Delhi.

Like other drink masters, both Florian and Arun have been wooing over the Hyderabad family’s signature drink. Arun twisted the classic cocktail Old Fashioned by adding caramelized her popcorn, and Popcorn Spiced Old Fashioned was born. He also took a flavor of Matka His Kulfi and jazzed it up as his Matka Cocktail, adding White His Chocolate His liqueur to the rum and served it in Matka with fruit. For the German brewmaster, he loves his Ein Hofer: Basmati Blonde. “It’s my personal favorite beer that we brew at Prost. It’s light and refreshing with a hint of basmati flavor and a hint of fruitiness that comes from our specially selected aromatic hops,” says Florian.

Coming into 2023, both masters in their respective fields are excited to create new and eye-catching drinks. “We want to do more experimentation with flavor combinations, especially with fruits and spices,” says Florian, while Arun will head up several more of the outlet’s beverage section to ensure that each flavorful cocktail is I look forward to making sure you don’t mind the complexity and depth. A table of customers in record time. “Cocktails should be finished within a maximum of three minutes. , and we continue to surprise by creating more unique beverages,” summarizes Arun.

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