Winter Staff Pick: Best Winter Drink: Kentucky Bourbon + Hot Chocolate/Hot Cider/Something Hot On Your Couch

When the weather’s bad outside, grab an affordable Kentucky bourbon and mix it with your favorite hot beverage. Sure, places around town sell winter cocktails, and they might use more fancy garnishes and ingredients than what you have on hand, but doing it yourself is potentially weak. You won’t be splurging $11 on a pour and you won’t have to go anywhere as mentioned. Horrible weather outside. myself? I go to Old Forester 86. Affordable. Classic. local. And good, but not much I drink in person. And the hot part? I say hot chocolate—again, nothing fancy. Possibly expired Swiss Misses from the back of the cupboard. But you can go wild with cider, coffee, and tea. Grab a hot drink in the breeze, head to your couch, turn on Netflix, Hulu, or whatever, and pick the spookiest Christmas movie (I love The Christmas Prince). ” Netflix franchise. “The Night Before Christmas” is also a great choice. )

Editor’s Note: We’re on vacation, but we’ve left some of our favorite things… like Oprah, only you can spend your own money.

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