Winter Mai Tai Recipe – How to Make a Winter Mai Tai

Few drinks are more reminiscent of a warm tropical island vacation than a mai tai. The rum-based drink he invented in the 1930s (whether it was the Trader Vic or the Don the Beachcomber is still debated in cocktail nerd circles) and was soon popular in bars where shorts and flip-flops wouldn’t do. It has become a staple drink. showed me the door. You can easily make a standard Mai Tai any time of the year to remember your last Hawaii vacation. You can also add a little wintery twist to your drink by dipping one foot in the warm waters and the other by the fireplace. , nutmeg and cinnamon fill the air. It was a challenge that Will, one of our favorite bartenders at his one of our favorite bartenders at his favorite bar called Mr. Paradise in his Village in East New York, Wyatt. (Esquire Best His Bar of 2019.) His winter Mai Tai secret is elegant. Almonds Instead of using his ogeeto (the key syrup that gives mai tais their richness and flavor), he used pecans to make the ogeeto. And Cinnamon, a nod to pecan pie that’s irresistible in fall and winter. Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum is rich and toasty. Don’t let the orgeat recipe intimidate you. It’s just syrup and much easier than it first appears. Up to cocktails? It’s even easier. Watch the video and learn how to be like Will.

Kevin Sintumuang is Esquire’s Lifestyle and Culture Director.

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