Why You Should Try Drinking Your Next Beer Out Of A Wine Glass

Just as wine glasses have improved over the last few decades to enhance the essence of our beverages, we’ve probably begun to learn that drinking beer needs a bit of an update, too. One problem they report is that “traditional” straight-edge glasses do not contribute to their drinking experience. The glass quickly warms up in the hands of the drinker, affecting the flavor of the brew. Instead, drinking beer from a stemmed glass prevents the drink from heating up too quickly, and that the taste and aroma of the beer are improved by the bottom of the bowl and the thin-rimmed glass that tapers like wine. has been proven. glass.

According to Liquor, the best glasses for beer are Teku stemware. The glass was designed by Lorenzo “Cuasca” Dabove and Theo Musso and is 14.2 oz and made in Germany. The glass itself is thicker than most wine glasses and has a curved rim. The site warns that bolder beers like IPAs can be very aromatic thanks to the high profile the glass brings to the table. Palate encourages drinkers to keep their drinking glasses at room temperature (ice glasses flatten beer faster) and wait for the foam heads to settle before drinking. The first sip to enhance your beer drinking experience.

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