Why You Should Rinse Bottles And Cans Before Drinking Out Of Them

Regardless of the bottled or canned drink you take home. If you drink it, be sure to wash it off first. Here’s why:

These ready-to-eat products, like all the fruits and vegetables mentioned above, are shipped and processed in many facilities before they reach store shelves. , goes through quite a few hands. As Reader’s Digest points out, the result is a pretty germ-filled drink. Unfortunately, even if you’re not drinking directly from the container, pouring it out can introduce unwanted bacteria into your glass.

The outlet quotes health and safety investigator Caitlin Hoff. he said: of cans. ”

To emphasize a point, CBS 11 News tested just how bad unwashed soda containers really are. It was part of the infection-causing bacteria present in beverage containers all over town. Our suggestions? Avoid bingeing altogether, and rinse your beverage bottles and cans well the next time you get a drink from a vending machine, grocery store, or a friend’s refrigerator.

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