Why we take energy drinks with alcohol daily, less concerned about danger signs —Commercial drivers

Many transport workers, especially commercial drivers in Lagos, have become dependent on their daily consumption of energy and other alcoholic beverages, a habit that can lead to serious health problems. Warnings from health experts have been repeated. PUNCH HealthWise explores this culture of energy drink addiction among Lagos drivers in this report. you know greatness report

sitting After returning from his first interstate trip from Ibadan to Lagos, at a garage location in Terminal 1 in Oshodi, Lasisi Ahmed – a tall, dark-skinned man takes a sip from a diluted bottle of his favorite drink. drink.

Ahmed is one of many drivers in Lagos’ noisy Oshodi Park.

Speaking to PUNCH HealthWise about his love of energy drinks, Ahmed said he can’t go a day without drinking at least 12 sachets of his favorite energy drink, Passion.

He boasted that many now call him the name of his loyal brand of energy drink. rice field.

Energy drinks give me the power to drive

“It gives me energy as a driver. I drink about 2 packs a day. It gives me energy for work, especially when I’m stuck in a traffic jam or on a rough road. I’m sick and driving. I take it so as not to fall asleep.

When asked if he could go through a day without drinking a single sachet of his favorite brand, he laughed and told correspondents: I can’t live a day without it. I don’t know what will happen if I don’t take a day off.”

But when our correspondent asked if he was aware of his addiction to drinks, he laughed it off, saying that he does drink occasionally, even before bedtime, so it’s never had an adverse effect on him once. I said no.

Energy drinks are classified as soft drinks in Nigeria. therefore prone to abuse. Many of those who drink them care little about the adverse effects of the drink.

Research by marketing firm Marketing Edge says the energy drink market is now a “profitable and viable sector” with annual consumption projected to grow by more than 6.5% by 2022.

Caffeine is the main ingredient in energy drinks, but its concentration varies by brand. Energy drinks also contain other ingredients such as guarana (another source of caffeine), sugar, taurine, carrots, B vitamins, glucuronolactone, yohimbe, carnitine, and bitter orange.

However, experts warn against regular consumption of energy drinks. They said regular energy drink consumption is associated with several medical problems, including seizures, anxiety, hallucinations, arrhythmias, and other cardiovascular complications.

In 2016, the World Health Organization said energy drinks were “dangerous to public health” after finding that energy drink consumption was on the rise.

The makers of this drink promise that their drink will energize users and improve mental alertness and physical performance, so users who believe these claims rely on this drink.

During our correspondent’s visit to the bustling Oshodi bus station, we found that none of the beverage vendors had stashes of different brands of cold energy drinks.

The seller’s main target is bus drivers like Ahmed, loaders, commuters and passers-by.

One of the vendors told our correspondent that energy drinks are in high demand and often sell out before soft drinks and water.

You can’t drink energy drinks alone, so you need to mix them with alcohol

Our correspondent also met a transportation coordinator, a man in his thirties who identified himself as Ayomide.

When our correspondent visited the park, Ayomide was holding a can of energy drink in his hand, but he told our correspondent that it was not just an energy drink, but a mixture of it and alcohol. I told you.

He said that without a can he would not be motivated to go about his daily work, and even more so that he would not be able to drink it alone. He said it had to be mixed.

He said, “I take energy drinks to give me strength at work. Since I can’t, I drink energy drinks and continue my activities.

“I can’t drink alcohol alone, so I mix it with an energy drink to lower the alcohol content.”

Other transport workers who spoke with our correspondent said they couldn’t go through a day without at least one bottle of the energy-boosting drink.

From my interactions with several bus drivers, I learned that most of them drink energy drinks every day, often mixed with alcohol.

Mixing alcohol and energy drinks is dangerous – study

However, research warns that this practice is dangerous to health.

A 2014 study, titled ‘Energy drink consumption in Europe: a review of risks, adverse health effects and policy options to respond’, found that mixing alcohol with energy drinks was more effective than drinking alcohol alone. have also been warned of high risk.

Furthermore, he states that this is a problem because energy drinks make it harder for people to notice that they are intoxicated, even if they are not lessened.

The researchers also said, “Excessive caffeine intake combined with strenuous physical activity can be dangerous.”

Energy drinks improve sexual performance

Some drivers rely on consuming energy drinks to check their daily activity, while others say they rely on energy drinks for optimal sexual performance.

One such person is a driver named Ibrahim. He told our correspondent that he prefers it to sex-enhancing drugs, and because of the intense nature of his work, drinking an energy drink during the day allows him to have a good sex session late at night after work. added.

He also added that he prefers using it as a form of potency enhancer.

He said, “I also take it to give me the power of sex. just give

He also said that some energy drinks are high in sugar, so he relies on herbal drinks to “wash” the sugar out of his body’s system religiously.

Energy drinks have no health benefits

However, in a previous interview with PUNCH HealthWise, a professor of medicine at the University of Lagos School of Medicine, Orphemi Fasanmade said that there are no health benefits from consuming energy drinks, except that they contain caffeine. I emphasized no.

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