Why The Quality Of Your Milk Matters When Making Coffee Drinks

The couple’s cooks also report that the age of the milk is a factor in the frothiness and, unsurprisingly, fresh milk is best. , according to the outlet, milk that’s been in the fridge for weeks may not be foamy. It is also important to know how to use the .

According to the Food Network, many types of milk (including non-dairy) can be used in coffee drinks, but it’s the milk that produces the fluffy, dreamy layer that adds the expected richness and texture to coffee drinks. Only part. The outlet claims that whole milk may not foam as quickly as skim, but it does produce the creamiest foam because it contains the ideal balance of protein, sugar, fat, and water.

As for plant-based milks, the best froth comes from oat milk, according to the outlet. However, almond milk has a higher fat content than most other plant-based milks, creating an interesting microbubble effect. . This is, of course, part of the goal when whipping.

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