Who’s really behind the Prime Hydration drinks craze?

Aldi supermarkets across the UK were under siege this week. Shoppers were fighting to get their hands on a variety of soft drinks promoted by YouTube star Logan Paul and his KSI.

Prime Hydration was made available as Aldi’s “Special Buy,” but the chain’s Crawley store was completely gone Thursday morning (December 29), just 30 minutes after it opened.

Consumers queued around the block to get their own boxes, but staff were forced to limit customers to one bottle per person. A warning was issued.

Drink spills were also reported at locations such as the Aldi branch in Gravesend, Kent, and Thornbury near Bradford.

Two video stars who became friends after making up in an amateur boxing match are the face of Prime Hydration, but who is actually behind the product?

As Internet researcher Isaiah Louis pointed out, all the bottles sold bear an address in Louisville, Kentucky, and the manufacturer can be traced to Max Clemons via the Secretary of State’s website.

Clemons is co-owner of Congo Brands, a veritable maker of drinks, with partner Trey Steiger.

Congo says on its site that it was “developed to create synergies between independent brands” [Clemons and Steiger] Co-founded over the years.

“Brands in the Congo portfolio may have ownerships other than Trey and Max, but they provide important insight into the operations of each brand.”

The duo was recently profiled Sunthey were former classmates at Louisville’s Pleasure Ridge High School and “now control a beverage empire that experts say produces 10 million bottles a year and earns over £85 million”.

Basketball and American football fans, as well as diligent students, the two are college graduates, studied accounting and finance in college, and started their first drink venture in 2017.

Clemmons, 29, currently lives in a £2.4 million high-rise in Nashville, Tennessee, while Steiger, 28, lives in a luxury home worth £2.3 million in Florida, according to tabloids. , which boasts a 1.4-acre swimming pool. garden and dock. Not bad for someone who started his career flipping a Big Mac at McDonald’s.

Companies House does not state that neither Logan Paul nor KSI have a controlling stake in Prime Hydration UK. But given that between the two he has 140 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, it’s clear why Congo approached his transatlantic duo to promote the series. .

According to the official website, Prime Hydration was launched “to show what happens when rivals come together as brothers and business partners to bridge the gap between superior taste and function.”

It is available in versions of Meta Moon, Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, Grape and Orange, but at the time of writing, all 12 packs priced at £24.99 on the brand’s official website are fully sold. It was sold out.

The drink contains 10% coconut water, electrolytes, B vitamins, BCAAs, zero sugar or caffeine, and only about 20 calories per bottle, the makers claim.

Last month, Asda ran out of bottles of drinks and boxes began selling on eBay at exorbitant prices, prompting shoppers to head to Wakey Wines in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, a newsagent with a local cult reputation. I rushed to shop. in secret. The store was reportedly charging £20 per bottle.

Another store in Worcester, Nisa Local, reportedly sold Prime Hydration for £15.

“No one is complaining about the price,” said Amer Khan, the owner of the business. Sun.

“People leave me their phone numbers so I can let them know they’re in stock.”

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