Where you can drink alcohol during Gasparilla 2023

Tampa, FL (WFLA) — As thousands flock to downtown Tampa for the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, there are a few things the partying pirates need to know before they hit the streets.

From Gandhi, go up Bayshore Boulevard. Throughout Curtis Hickson Park, the thirsty and weary can openly carry and consume alcoholic beverages during the Gasparilla celebrations. However, this does not include neighborhoods or places other than the established “legal alcohol zone” colloquially known as the Gasparilla wet zone.

According to the City of Tampa, the legal alcohol zone extends from the parade staging area on W. Gandy Blvd. down the length of the parade route along Bayshore Blvd. to downtown Tampa. There are eight vendors selling alcohol along the way.

The City of Tampa is reminding Gasparilla attendees of the following policies:

  • Prohibition of drinking alcohol by minors
  • Consumption outside of open alcohol containers or designated wet zones is prohibited
  • No coolers, kegs, or vessels serving mass distribution of alcohol
  • No glass containers of any kind
  • No failures using available event port-o-lets
  • All bags and backpacks are searchable

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