Where to Get Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Philadelphia for Dry January & Beyond


Whether you’re trying dry January or trying to avoid booze year-round, low energy doesn’t mean you’ve given up on soda and water, especially in Philadelphia. The city’s premier cocktail maker has found fresh ways to infuse depth and layers into the mocktail game, from his proofs of familiar favorites Zero He, to a rotating menu where each drink is more surprising than the last. I scoured some of my favorite bars and restaurants to find the best non-alcoholic drinks of his right now.

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A stone’s throw from The Met Philly, this restaurant has an impressive cocktail menu, but alongside it there are also quite a few zero-proof drinks available year-round. The general manager, his Jesse Andreozzi, presents the new Zero his proof her cocktails on the spot to Clementine’s benefit (and shares his life as a “sober sommelier” on his Instagram. are recording). One of his current standouts is Clean Co.’s Zero-Proof Appletini, made with apple vodka alternative, cranberries, and sweetened lime.


I feel like crying
Volstead is Philadelphia’s first completely non-alcoholic bar, offering non-alcoholic drinks from an expensive menu alongside vegan fare. From seasonal specials to sober takes on citywide specials, this bar offers a range of drink options that rival any standard bar. To celebrate Dry January, a slightly decadent cocktail featuring botanical spirits, fresh lemon juice, simple agave and edible gold flakes, the Gold Rush Cocktail will be specially introduced. As part of the Unity Collective, The Volstead is on a mission to employ individuals in recovery and/or who have returned from incarceration, donating a portion of the proceeds to community-based recovery services.

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old Town
The Royal Boucherie’s year-round ‘Temperance Cocktails’ section has just updated its Dry January and beyond options, offering fancy sippers and other options for the cool-headed curious drinker. Highlights include Pretty in Pink with Strawberry, Lime and Sparkling Grapefruit Soda. Lavender Bowtie with Lavender Pea Flowers, Grapefruit and Club Soda and Liz His Lemon with Elderflower, Rosemary Syrup and Lemonade. If you’re looking for something simpler, you can also find several non-alcoholic wines and IPAs on the menu.

Midtown Village
The aptly named No Regrets Zero-Proof Cocktail Charlie was a sinner. As with much of the spot’s plant-based menu, it’s easy to forget you’re not eating the real deal.Since January, the bar will be serving a small selection of homemade, zero-proof his drinks that change throughout the year. You can expect it to continue.


If tequila seems to be calling your name, get the hangover-free margarita fix thanks to The Love. Straight Arrow is a booze-free prickly pear her margarita made from chamomile tea (very healthy!), lime and agave, with a salted rim. It may be the only NA cocktail on the menu, but it pairs perfectly with the restaurant’s fresh tuna crudo and ginger miso collard greens.

graduate hospital
If Dry January makes you miss an espresso martini, Rex has a non-drinking option to satisfy some of those cravings. Made with cold brew, smoked pear, lime, rosemary and demerara, it’s packed with a unique flavor combination that unfolds with every sip and an energy-charging dose of caffeine. Rex’s Upscale Bar In his program, you’ll find new cocktails all year round, including spirit her complimentary options crafted with the same artistic flair.

Tallulah's gardenTallulah's garden
Tallulah’s garden

Washington Square West
Talula’s Garden values ​​fresh and local ingredients. Its spirits-free cocktail options are no exception. Pilot 10’s mocktails are designed to blow you away and are served with orange-spiced Sunrise, rosemary and fizzy ginger soda. Think of it as the ideal alcohol-free alternative to layering mimosas with lemon and blackberry buttermilk pancakes.

fish town
The R&D Cocktail Bar is perfect for cocktail lovers, especially those who want to keep things classic with a nod to the modern aesthetic of the mid-century. As such, Virgin Colada’s retro kitsch helps transport you to a place and time, without the booze. The year-round Spirit Free menu features other Virgin takes on classic drinks to enjoy with the Double Smash Burger.

wilder filly

This Must Be The Place From Wilder

Multi-level Wilder has a lot to offer, from daily happy hour oysters to an extensive selection of artsy pizzas and pastas. even better? They have a year-round spirit-free cocktail list, so from January onwards you can order your favorite soft sip. It’s Be The Place. This and other non-alcoholic drinks are $8 each, which we feel is equally worthy of Wilder’s uplifting vibe.

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