Where To Eat And Drink In Las Vegas Right Now

What a great time of year to explore the Las Vegas Strip. If you like world class food and drink, there is no bad time to come here. However, winter is particularly pleasant, as the weather is more manageable and the crowds are less intense.

It takes more than one article to justify all of the exciting new dining options these days.

Earlier this year, the doors opened to Vanderpump a Paris, a luxurious French-themed bistro and bar conceived in collaboration with reality TV legend Lisa Vanderpump. The space is designed to evoke a Parisian courtyard, with a sense of place carried over to the cocktails. Includes the Louvre at First Sight, a mezcal-based cocktail. The cranberry-colored creations also include prickly pear and arrive at your table under a plume of hickory smoke.

In fact, the oversized menu has an entire section reserved for over-the-top drinks. But if you’re looking for something more understated, stick with Riviera Rules. This is an affordable gin mixer that weaves botanical and floral threads in a beautiful balance.

Next door Martha Stewart just unveiled her first restaurant concept. Bedford is named after her hometown in Westchester County, New York, and the decor is meant to recreate the style of her 156-acre farmhouse mansion she maintains there. . Among the edible standouts are the potato and leek stuffed pierogi, drenched in a brown butter sauce. She was inspired by her mom’s recipe.

As for drinks, the item is directly related to Martha herself.A martini shaken with bison glass vodka and served tableside, here Marta TiniIt goes great with baked potatoes topped with extravagant caviar.a Marta Rita It is served frozen with pomegranate juice. In fact, it goes well with the sweet tartar steak.

But if you want something dry, head across the hall to the newest Nobu Outpost. Here, a remarkable collection of sake from famous chefs spans a range of price points and sources. It’s versatile and reasonable. A 3-year aged daiginjo with the delicacy of rose petals wet in the rain. That kind of elegance will set you back $3000.

Fans of a more traditional cocktail experience will love exploring the new speakeasy inside the Flamingo. The Flamingo is Paris’ sister hotel just north along The Strip. The Count Room is a hidden bar accessed through a discreet door adjacent to Bugsy & Myers Steakhouse. The Art Deco-inspired back bar houses an impressive collection of vintage her rums, including funky standouts from respected independent bottler Samaroli. But as I say, this is the place to indulge in the classics.

You can also create your own Old Fashions from different whiskeys from around the world. The components are moved around the room on a dedicated trolley, and come on a Friday or Saturday night, with live music in the background, recreating the atmosphere of his Roaring Twenties.

New foods and drinks are enough to easily fill a weekend excursion. And we only dug into his one small section on The Strip, but that’s how Vegas works these days. If you’re away for more than a few months, a whole new world of flavors is waiting to be discovered. You can bet on it.

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