Where to Drink This Week

1. Ecliptic Brewing Moon Room

930 SE Oak Street, 971-383-1613, eclipticbrewing.com.Sunday and Wednesday-Thursday 4-10 pm; Friday-Saturday 4-11 pm.

Ecliptic Brewing’s first cosmic collaboration release of the year combines two stylistic trends. Created in partnership with Astoria’s Fort George, Black Cold IPA features the dark roasted malt flavors of Cascadian Dark Ale (a 2012-2013 all-time favorite), fermented with lager yeast, and newly invented. Leads to the assertive crispness found in colds. IPAs. Celebrate Biel’s January 18th arrival at his Ecliptic’s Moon Room. Here you can meet Brewer and discuss whether a cold IPA is just her IPL under another name.

2. Room of Bad Habits

5433 N Michigan Ave, 503-303-8550, saraveza.com/the-bad-habit-room. Wednesday-Friday 4-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-2pm, 4-10pm.

The Bad Habit Room has technically been around for about a decade, but was previously only open for weekend brunch and special events. After being completely closed for two years due to the pandemic, it’s back and catering to a different crowd in the evenings. is a moon shoe made with marshmallow-infused vodka, lemon, ogeeto, and a splash of Son of Man Harvest Vermouth that acts as a grounding agent.

3. Fracture Brewing

1015 SE Stark Street, Fracture Brewing pdx.com. Wednesday-Thursday 4-10pm, Friday-Saturday 4-11pm, Sunday 2-8pm.

After months of brewing without a taproom, Fracture finally has a place where the public can enjoy what they call their own beer. The team of Darren Provenzano and Nai Lee, who met and worked together at a brewery in Vietnam, officially began welcoming customers to their Stark Street space in December. Year-round offerings made at the former Burnside Brewing Space include two Pilsners, a West Coast IPA, and a Hazy. But don’t fall asleep this winter with a seasonal dark lager scented with toffee, raisins and chocolate to warm you to the core.

4. GC wine

3450 N Williams Avenue, Suite 7, 503-764-9345, grochaucellars.com. Friday-Sunday 4-8pm.

This Yamhill County winery marks 20 years in business by bringing its products closer to Portland drinkers. His Grochau Cellars, just outside downtown Amity, opened a tasting room in the Elliott neighborhood this fall. The name of the business has also changed. From now on, Grochau will officially become GC Wines. The new moniker may be a little dull, but wines like Commuter Cuvée Pinot Noir, which blends berries from his 11 vineyards in the Willamette Valley, certainly aren’t.

5. Straightaway Cocktail Tasting Room

901 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 971-255-1627, straightaway cocktail.com. Monday-Wednesday noon-7 pm, Thursday-Saturday noon-8 pm, Sunday noon-5 pm.

Every charter yacht guest in the ever-expanding Bravo franchise has a good reason. under deck Ordered an espresso martini. ’80s cocktails are really good and the caffeine keeps the party going. Straightaway Cocktails and Stumptown Coffee have teamed up to create their own canned version with coffee his liqueurs and cold brew. This can be sipped at the distillery’s Hawthorne tasting room or purchased to enjoy at home.

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