Where to Drink in Austin Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Finally, we have a guide on where to drink in Austin, based on very clear and very real dictates of the universe. Throwing it into the forefront of consciousness, it has remained a strong presence ever since. And what better way to start 2023 than with a zodiac-inspired Austin bar pick?

From cozy bars for signs who hate going out to bars to goths who just have enough for brooding Scorpios, here are our picks.

Enjoy the competitive edge of Aries at Cidercade. In addition to great lakeside people-watching, Cidercade has 150 video games that basically never let you get bored. As for drinks, there are plenty of Bishop’s interesting ciders, from orange blossom to chai tea.

600 East Riverside Drive, South River City

Used bookstore and wine bar
Spencer Selvage/Eater Austin

This cozy wine bar and bookstore in Central East Austin is the closest a Taurus can actually get to being at home. Taurus will also love his two-story space with cozy chairs and gorgeous dark wood, a wide selection of new books, and a small patio. Browse the impressive wine list, grab a canned non-alcoholic cocktail or coffee, and unwind with a pastry.

1101 East 11th Street, Central East Austin

With a huge communal patio, this ever-busy East Six bar is perfect for social butterfly Geminis to make new friends. The menu spans an intriguing rotating mix of cocktails, beer, and wine, so you can indulge in the personality you’re feeling that night. Best of all, when you get the urge to change places, there’s almost certainly a completely different bar upstairs (Mezcalería Tobalá, an intimate bar for tasting mezcal) and a delightful street nearby.

1816 East Sixth Street, East Austin

What Cancer wants is a bar-style sanctuary where everyone knows their name, and that status is easily achieved at this intimate hidden gem on the North Loop. But Tigress, which is also a place to hide alone, may be small, but it does it all: well-made cocktails, cozy booths, and an eclectic patio.

100 West North Loop Boulevard, North Loop

Some of these are too easy. Of course, proud Leos love to revel in karaoke bars, especially those that allow party life called Ego’s. You can easily stop by after shopping.

510 South Congress Avenue, Boldin Creek

Cocktail with pinned flowers.

Chrysanthemum cocktail in the Roosevelt Room.
Roosevelt’s room

Even picky Virgos will find nothing to criticize at downtown bar Roosevelt Room. First and foremost, reservations are encouraged — practical Virgos hesitate to leave these things to chance. Cocktails are impeccable and served in proper glasses, right down to exciting house cocktails like the Black Pearl.

Or take Virgo to a great dive bar like Crown & Anchor Pub or Barfly’s. Solving other people’s problems can be exhausting and sometimes you just want a cold cheap beer.

Roosevelt Room: 307 West Fifth Street, Downtown; Crown: 2911 San Jacinto Boulevard, North Campus. Barfly’s: 5420 Airport Boulevard, North Loop

Restaurant with high tables and checkered floors.


Libra is all about aesthetics, and this South Congress Wine Bar from McGuire Moorman Lambert, a detail-focused local hospitality group, is right up there with them. Libras love big windows that let in natural light, patios for people-watching, and menus written on mirrors, but June’s long list of offerings is a Libra’s signature indecision ( cocktail?champagne?rosé???). Our expert bartenders are happy to help.

1722 South Congress Avenue, Boldin Creek

This dimly lit basement bar on West Sixth Avenue will appeal to Scorpio’s dark sensibilities. In addition to complex cocktails, there are hidden corners and intimate seating for sharing secrets.

500 West 6th Street, Downtown

A Sagittarius explorer’s dream is a bar where you can travel the world with wine. Sagittarius people like to work things out on their own and often don’t like things to get too serious, so Wanderlust’s casual, self-injected model works well for them too, and a communal table You can make new friends along the way.

610 North I-35, Downtown. 702 Shady Lane, Gobae

A cocktail full of smoke.

Cocktails at the boss office.
boss office

The most hardworking signs of the zodiac deserve a proper place to unwind. This new Govalle speakeasy is more than just a name. The Bosses Office serves up stiff, no-nonsense cocktails Capricorns can savor (there are snake-shaped ice cubes, but the cocktails are great) in a dark setting with a rich mahogany scent. Structure-hungry Caps will also love the reservation feature.

3223 East 7th Street, Gobae

Aquarius is very likely a beer nerd who can spend hours at this pub analyzing the minutiae of IPAs. With a Shire-like interior and a rambling outdoor patio far from the main drinking boulevard, Drafthouse also offers a low-key, timeless vibe, perfect for tension-averse Aquarius.

4112 Medical Parkway, Rosedale

Pisces – P6

Dreamy Pisces will feel right at home at this downtown rooftop bar at the Rhine Hotel, which looks as if a Monet painting came to life. A great place to watch the river, sunsets and rolling hills. It can even bring tears to your eyes at all the beauty Austin has to offer.

111 East Cesar Chavez Street, Downtown

P6 outdoor terrace

P6 outdoor terrace
Chase Daniel

100 West North Loop Boulevard, , TX 78751
(512) 600-3232

3223 East 7th Street, TX 78702
(512) 422-9776

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