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It’s no secret that there are two times when people will try anything to get the result they want. If you’re considering drinking red raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy, there are a few key factors to consider before for fertility treatments or when you’re ready to evict a sweet baby. There are

What is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Red raspberry leaf tea is an herbal tea made from dried raspberry leaves that is often touted for its ability to boost fertility, initiate labor, and ease pregnancy pain. Contains small amounts of nutrients such as , magnesium and calcium. It also contains many antioxidants (tannins and flavonoids) called polyphenols, as evidenced by a 2016 study on the plant biological properties of berry leaves. This is the origin of the idea that green tea is beneficial as a health supplement.

Despite its name, red raspberry leaf tea doesn’t actually taste like fresh raspberries. Typically, sachets of red raspberry leaf tea can be found in the tea aisle of grocery stores, specialty tea shops, and online in loose he leaf form.

Raspberry Leaf Tea and Fertility

If you’ve seen an article or five online touting the fertility benefits of raspberry leaf tea, you’re not the only one wondering if there’s any truth to the claims.

“There is information such as raspberry leaf tea ‘priming’ the uterus and increasing blood supply to the uterus, which may make it a more favorable uterus for achieving pregnancy.” The clinic’s OB-GYN explains. However, Berry-Roberts notes that these claims “have not been scientifically substantiated or proven to be true.”

Berry-Roberts says that the ability of red raspberry leaf tea to initiate labor has not yet been definitively demonstrated (more on this below), but that it is If so, this tea should be avoided because of its potential softening effect on the cervix to induce labor.”

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raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy

So is it safe to drink red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy? Unknown. “There are no substantiated evidence-based data to definitively answer this question.”

“Research on this topic is limited,” explains Dr. Megan Pallister, a Houston-based obstetrician and gynecologist and member of the Lansinoh Clinical Advisory Network. In fact, the latest study available online about pregnant raspberry her leaf her tee is her 2022 study of just 121 participants. So the risks clearly remain unclear due to the paucity of available studies, but Pallister said, “With the small studies that we’re doing, it doesn’t seem like there’s a big risk.” says.

Little is known about the risks and benefits of drinking red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, but the doctors Romper spoke to on the topic haven’t completely ignored the potential for supplements. There’s no strong evidence or support for raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, but it may help increase uterine tone and reduce bleeding,” Pallister says.

Dr. Daniel Roshan, a board-certified OB-GYN of Rosh Maternal & Fetal Medicine, similarly noted the lack of research on this topic, reiterating: Labor. “However, Roshan also acknowledges that tea is widely used. It has long been recommended by OB and his OB practitioner as a supplement to help shorten working hours and reduce the risks associated with working long hours.” came,” he says.

Can Raspberry Leaf Tea Start Labor?

“It’s possible that raspberry leaf tea can cause changes in the uterus and have a positive effect on labor, but this is also uncertain,” explains Berry-Roberts.

Drinking red raspberry leaf tea may not actually “start” your labor pains, but it may ease them in some ways, says Roshan. Roshan explains that tea is thought to soften the cervix.

If you’re in the mood to brew a cup in the hope that it will help you give birth, it’s important to understand the risks involved. It is important to remember that the concentrations are not regulated by any governing body. So if you choose to use red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, you are at the risk of an unregulated supplement. Become.It is considered mostly safe, and some practitioners believe it positively affects cervical maturation, leading to shorter labor.

So if you choose to drink red raspberry tea during pregnancy, when and how much should you drink? It explains that we need to consult.

The choice of whether or not to drink red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy is really up to you and is worth discussing thoroughly with your doctor. Understanding, Pallister puts it best: “We definitely need more research on this topic!”

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