What rules say about drinking on flights

on sunday, Two IndiGo passengers arrested Patna Airport Police and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) reportedly drank beer and caused a disturbance on the domestic flight from Delhi, according to ANI’s report. The arrest was made following a written complaint by IndiGo’s manager, after which the CISF detained the passenger and handed him over to the airport police.

What does the law say about drinking alcohol on domestic flights?

In India, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) administers the Civil Aviation Regulations on Air Transport Services, Aviation Safety and Airworthiness Standards under the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA). Consuming alcohol or drugs in accordance with DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) Section 4.9, Section 3, Series M, Part VI on Handling of Unruly Passengers, and Cabin Safety Notices. Any Passenger who behaves inappropriately must be made aware of it. They are breaking the law and can be arrested upon arrival.

The clause reads: Any other airport where the aircraft commander may choose to land. However, these terms are indicative and not exhaustive.

  1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs leads to unruly behavior.
  2. smoking on board
  3. Failure to follow the captain’s instructions
  4. i) Use of threatening or abusive language towards crew members or other passengers. ii) Behaving in a physically threatening, abusive or disorderly manner towards the crew or other passengers; iii) deliberately interfere with the performance of duties by the crew;
  5. It jeopardizes the safety of the aircraft and the people on board.”

In addition, Section 24 of the Aircraft Rules, 1937 prohibits the consumption of intoxicants and psychotropic substances. Section 24, subsection (2) states, “Operators operating domestic air transport services in India shall not offer alcoholic beverages on board of such air transport services and shall not travel on such services. Passengers must not consume alcoholic beverages on board.”

In conclusion, in light of aircraft regulations and DGCA civil aviation requirements, domestic passengers are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on board, while international passengers are only allowed to drink alcoholic beverages unless it leads to unmanageable consequences. . action.

Was the arrest valid?

Yes, the arrest of the two Indigo passengers who were drinking beer on the Delhi-Patna flight was valid under Section 24 (2) of the Aircraft Regulations, 1937. Prevention for all air carriers. According to AIC No. 16/2021 issued by DCGGA, anyone who witnesses, knows of, or is involved in a situation that threatens flight safety may voluntarily report it while maintaining confidentiality. can.

Is the drinking ban only for passengers?

No, DCGA rules stipulate that pilots and flight attendants who fail the breathalyzer alcohol test for the first time will be banned from flying for three months. Second time offender is her 3 year ban. If you fail the test a third time, your flight license will be permanently revoked.

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