What Is Drinking on Purim All About?

Leon Sukkur

With the Purim festival fast approaching, we are faced with a topic that is constantly scratching our heads. It is his seven-word manifesto issued by the holy rabbi Rava in the Gemara.[1]: “Hayav inish libesumei bepuraya ad delo yada – “At the festival of Purim, we are obliged to drink without knowing it. [the difference between ‘cursed be Haman’ and ‘blessed be Mordechai’]” This declaration racks our heads every year as we fail to fully comprehend this tremendous obligation.understand the topic from a halacher (Jewish law) or any perspective Haskafar (Jewish thought) is not an easy thing.

tricky subject

If you don’t understand the concept underlying this seemingly unique halachah, don’t worry. You are not alone. Anyone who is familiar with this matter from the Huarache perspective, even the sages who lived during that time, knows. Update[2] I was perplexed by this statement. This is a question that great rabbis have been grappling with for hundreds of years.

while riffing[3]Roche[4]and Tour[5] Looks like you need to drink until you’re drunk, Orhot Haim[6] Claims that alcohol is prohibited. In his view, similar to that of Yad Ephraim, Mitsuba should drink slightly more than he is used to. Bach disputes this decision, stating that he should drink considerably more than he is used to. Other authorities such as Rambam[7] and Maharib[8]tell us to drink.”Ad Sheishtaker – until drunk ”and sleep. You cannot tell the difference between “Cursed is Haman” and “Blessed is Mordecai,” as Lava demands.This view was later accepted by Rema[9] And finally, Mishnah Bela.

See Gra (Vilna Gaon)’s comment if you’re still not confused. Indeed, a wide range of opinions is enough to keep the scribes busy for days!

Should excessive drinking be encouraged?

Since the miracle of Purim happened through a party consisting of food and drink arranged by Queen Esther, our saints decreed that we should drink. “Yotel Mehergelo” – More wine than we are usually accustomed to drinking. Their intention is, inter alia, surely (Reminder) of the profound miracles Hashem performed for his people.[10]

But while the inclusion of wine for this reason is understandable, the question remains. Hazar ask us to drinkAd Sheastarkar” – up to drunkenness? The Jews are, and have always been, a people of consciousness and intelligence. The mere notion of excessive drinking has been frowned upon by our communities around the world and this has always been the case. Wine is the moral and disciplined lifestyle we are instructed to lead. where does it fit?

wine in Judaism

Both the Talmud and the Bible talk about the benefits of wine consumption. Wine is described as “bringing joy to God and to man”.[11] And the Talmud dictation says: “Ein simhah ela bebar veyain – There is no joy without meat and wine. “[12] These verses certainly seem to acknowledge the consumption of wine. In addition, many mitzvots are served with wine.using wine mischief When Habdalla On Shabbat and holidays we recite alike Bellachot Sipping wine under the wedding canopy, News Mira,and I have a pidion. And don’t forget the four glasses of wine at the Passover seder.

On the one hand, there are some indications that drunkenness is clearly discouraged by Torah tradition. By the righteousness with which Hashem saved mankind Noah was humiliated by the consumption of wine. The two holy sons of Aharon, Nadab and Abihu, Mishquin Drunk and consumed by the fire of heaven. Similarly, the Torah exalts the virtue, courage and holiness of women. Nazir A person who vows to abstain from wine.

So what is Toller’s view of wine? Is it a sacred drink of immense power, reserved for sacred and special occasions? Or is it a destructive agent with the power to overthrow mighty people and a substance to be avoided at all costs?

Interestingly, the answer is both.

reveal the depths of the human soul

Gemara[13] I teachNichnas while fingering SOD – When the wine goes in, the secret comes out. ” When inebriated, its spiritual depth becomes apparent.

Suppose you have a terrible personality. Those who have no intention of climbing the ladder of spirituality choose to participate in Purim fun. He doesn’t waste a moment to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he drinks several. Don’t be surprised that this individual’s snarky demeanor is amplified tenfold over his. When a wine appears, the true essence of its consumer emerges. Wine eases our inhibitions and weakens the mind’s natural defenses. breathingis the seat and radiance of all our emotions, personalities and identities.

So it’s no secret why there are so many Hachamim When Zadikim High spiritual heights can be reached during the Feast of Purim. Drunkenness may magnify a nasty character for some, but from that day on, those who truly seek spiritual upliftment will find peace, contentment, brotherhood, and love for her Gd. can do.

Therefore, when used properly, wine can bring great benefits. However, if wine is misused or abused, it poses serious dangers. How we make use of it is entirely up to us.

Definition of Mitsuba

Let’s turn our attention to purim drinking obligations and answer four simple questions.


Both men and women are obligated to attend the Mitzvah, because the hand of God saved Jewish men and women from Haman’s evil decrees. Sudat Purim (Feast of Purim). However, the woman should drink a small amount of wine and she should not be drunk.[14]

If his parents warned him not to drink too much in Purim, he should certainly follow their wishes and drink a little more than usual, in line with Harasik’s prohibition against excessive drinking.[15]


earliest authority[16] It is specified that the mitzvah must drink wine, no other intoxicating drink is required. However, there is a minority view that seems to suggest that you don’t need to drink wine specifically.

Grape juice alone is not enough to fill this mitzvah.


Many Ashkenazis have the custom of eating a Purim meal in the afternoon after prayers. minha, on the other hand, many Sephardic communities eat in the morning. Those who are hosted for a Purim meal should follow the host’s customs and enjoy a breakfast or lunch of meat and wine.


As described above, end We dined at Purim to commemorate the miracles that Gd performed for the Jews.

Moreover, from a Kabbalistic point of view, drinking weakens the mind’s normal resistances, allowing it to feel more freely in the Oneness of Gd and the Universe. It is often difficult to see the good in the many challenges we face in life, but when we “let our guard down” and let our spirituality shine through, we are able to perceive more clearly. for the best.We are reminded that behind everything there is a benevolent Gd, manipulating events solely for our benefit. yesterday’s breadAt a time in history when the face of God is more “hidden” than ever before, the miracle of Purim is a reminder that God has continued to help us every step of our lives.

the holiest day in the Jewish calendar

It is important to remember our rabbinic teachings: “Ivdu et Hashem besimhah vegilu bir’adah – Serve Gd joyfully and celebrate with trembling. “[17] The tremendous joy we feel in Purim must be done with reverence and reverence for Hashem. As our sage comments on this verse, “Where there is joy, there must be trembling.”

Arizal states that Purim is the holiest day of the year. A day even more sacred than Yom Kippur. Therefore, anyone who feels that alcohol consumption can lead to disgust or stupid behavior should avoid wine on holidays, let alone on vacation, especially if drinking can harm others. It is important to note that you should avoid the rest of the year.

Purim Samea!

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