What Is Cocchi Americano And How Do You Drink It?

People commonly associate cocchi americano with a similar aperitif, lille blanc. This is because both aromatic wines contain quinine in their original formula. But Lillet, he removed the bitter antimalarial drug from the recipe in 1985, Kitchn explains. This means that Cocchi Americano is now much more bitter than his Lillet and tastes closer to the original recipe. Lillet is also based on Sauvignon Blanc (via Wine Enthusiast), as opposed to Moscato. It can also be made with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon for Lillet Rosé or Lillet Rouge.

The original Lillet Blanc was commonly used in two popular cocktails, the Vesper Martini and the Corpse Reviver. A classic James Bond cocktail, the Vesper Martini is made by combining gin, vodka, and Lillet Blanc, but Cocci Americano can be substituted to achieve the classic bitterness.

Corpse Reviver is a much stronger drink made by mixing gin, lemon juice, Cointreau or Grand Marnier, absinthe, and Lillet Blanc or Cocci Americano. Couple Cook adds that dry vermouth can replace any of the aperitifs.

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