What ‘Dose’ Means In Your Espresso Drink Recipe

Each cup of espresso is carefully brewed considering three criteria: dose, yield and time. Barista Hustle explains that dose is the weight of dry grounds in the filter, yield is the weight of espresso produced, and time is the amount of time the coffee and water are in contact. Of these three parts of any espresso recipe, dose is the main factor that determines the finished coffee.

This is because the weight (dosage) of the dry powder determines which type of espresso you enjoy. According to Clive Coffee, most people prefer around 7-10 grams in a single basket, and in a triple he’s up to 20-22 grams of coffee. So if the dose is off, so is the espresso.

When making espresso at home, it can be frustrating trying to get the dose perfect. Resident Evil Coffee writes that making super-strong espresso at home is super easy: just increase the coffee grounds to water ratio. If the cup is weak, do the opposite.

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