What Constitutes A ‘Drink Of The Summer’? (And Why It Should Be Chilled Red): An Investigation

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I love ice red wine. Anyone who has had red wine with me (your mother and my therapist) will know that I like my wine. coldKeep the reds in the fridge except in the winter. I would bet on your pretty face if given room temperature wine. Throw a few ice cubes at the culturally accepted lukewarm abomination.

What constitutes a 'summer drink' (and why you need to chill red): a study

Most people look at me weird when I do this.Can not all enlighten I’m definitely in the minority here, but if cold red is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Thankfully, some winemakers are on my side and are releasing red wines that are actually made to chill.

What constitutes a 'summer drink' (and why you need to chill red): a study

Jacob’s Creek is one of its brands, direct from the refrigerator, or Eskai, or [insert other cold receptacle here]Perfect for summer.

I’m grateful that Jacob’s Creek “got it” and provided people like me with a viable alternative to the standard “summer” drink. teeth Summer drink?

Don’t get me wrong, look to the pop culture scene and you’re likely to see cold beer, champagne, and beachside martinis. They’re all great, but they’re a little worn out, aren’t they?

What constitutes a 'summer drink' (and why you need to chill red): a study

Plus, one beer is great, sure, but after a few, you’re playing with fire in terms of bloating and sluggishness. The spirits are a little strong on their own if you plan on drinking them for hours with friends at parties or barbecues. Not ideal.

What constitutes a 'summer drink' (and why you need to chill red): a study

On the other hand, chilled red is fun, light, different, excitingAnd naysayers, while entitled to their own opinion, I would argue are simply afraid of change and don’t enjoy partying very much.

The frosty red stigma needs to end. Especially here in Australia, room temperature wine doesn’t mix well with Australian heat.

Ultimately, people like what they like and the fact that we are all different is a good thing. Throwing away is also boring. Please enjoy beer and cold cocktails. Also, try something fun and new. Try the chilled red. You can thank me later.

Speaking of chilled reds, Jacob’s Creek has chilled out certain spots in Australia, with delightful ‘cold walls’ popping up in Bondi and Brisbane. What is cold wall? good question. Essentially, these pop-up his walls invite passers-by to “cool to the touch”. It’s a new way to cool down thanks to innovative heat-resistant technology.

Catch the Bondi Wall at the corner of Gould and Carlewith Streets in Bondi and the Brisbane Wall at the corner of Wickham and Little Streets in Fortitude Valley.

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