What Are We Drinking In 2023?

What’s in next year’s glass? BACARDI HIS TRENDS OF 2023 COCKTAILS According to his report, we will be going virtual and experiencing a “revolution of joy.”

what do you mean? The 4th annual Cocktail Trends Report identifies more martinis (plus espresso martinis), familiar flavors and fermented foods (kombucha and kefir) as the next trend. We also become more persistent and frequent drinkers in the Metaverse.

The insights are grouped into five overarching macro trends that will define the coming year: the pleasure revolution, transformative flavors, virtual experiments, sophisticated bites and conscious cocktails. Let’s break down what that means.

pleasure revolution

Bacardi anticipates a shift towards “frivolous flavors” rather than sticking to convention as people experiment with new ingredients and flavor profiles in their homes and cocktail bars. This trend has already started. According to this October consumer survey, daiquiris, margaritas and Bloody Her Mary were the most ordered cocktails in the world. These drinks are not necessarily consumed in bars. His 37% of people surveyed worldwide are making more cocktails at home than in 2020, and over 30% drink more cocktails than wine or beer.

The report also hints at a return to feel-good cocktails, including martinis, negroni, highballs and old fashioned nostalgic cocktails. Brandy Rand, Chief Strategy Officer, IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, said: “Flavors and aromas like chocolate chip cookies, freshly squeezed lemonade, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches bring back childhood nostalgia and bring simple comforts.”

Ever-changing taste

Spicy, tequila, and vodka-based cocktails are gaining traction, moving toward bolder flavors (think ingredients like jalapeño and tabasco). Bitter flavors continue to be popular, with coffee (ever heard of an espresso martini?) and fragrant bitters gaining popularity. (This information comes from Bacardi’s annual brand ambassador survey).

virtual experiment

The last few years have probably required little introduction, but this report predicts a continued dedication to the digital realm. “In 2023, on-demand drinks and experiences will continue to accelerate thanks to the convenience of digital commerce.”

The forecast also includes online shopping. 31% of respondents plan to increase their use of online delivery services for cocktail orders. Bacardi also predicts that the digital world will offer new avenues for beverage education and experimentation. Then there’s the metaverse. Her Gartner, a technology research firm, predicts that over the next three years, 25% of consumers will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse.

a sophisticated bite

Consumers continue to embrace luxury spirits. In 2023, these pricey sips will be served by simpler servers, emphasizing more upscale ingredients and overlooking fussy garnishes and decorations. continues to be a category to watch.

Of note, premium spirits performed consistently during the pandemic and enhanced alcohol resilience.

conscious cocktail

Eco-friendly ingredients, recyclable packaging, waste reduction and sustainable practices are priorities for consumers. Nine out of 10 of her respondents in the Indian market said they were willing to invest more in sustainable beverage brands, while respondents in Mexico and South Africa also prioritized environmental considerations. The US and UK were slow to respond to sustainability.

Respondents found recyclable packaging to be the most important theme, followed by reducing single-use plastics, buying locally, conserving water, reducing their carbon footprint, and sustainable sourcing.

Awareness also extends to alcohol consumption, recognizing the increasing importance of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol categories.

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