Wet Your Whistle Or Keep It Dry With WhistlePig’s Orange Old Fashioned

Are you drinking Old Fashioned dry or wet this month, or a little bit of both?

No matter how you plan to drink this January, or whether or not you’ll be abstaining from alcohol in Dry January, WhistlePig has you covered with Dry Orange Fashion and Wet Orange Fashion bottled cocktails.

Liz Rhoades, Head of Whiskey Development at WhistlePig Whiskey, said:

Both of these limited-edition cocktails are made with barrel-aged maple syrup and Sunkist Orange Essence, providing 10% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C in one serving. The version replaces the non-whiskey with real His WhistlePig PiggyBack 100% Rye His Whiskey. Both are well-balanced Old Fashioneds, and you can drink one or the other depending on your taste.

“Our mission to push the boundaries of what is possible with rye has led us to experiment with aged whiskeys and the best barrel-aged ingredients until the bar experience matches both editions as closely as possible.” says Rhoades. “In home cocktails, orange is too often an afterthought, but Sunkist’s bright citrusy orchard-to-glass tie it all together.”

The limited-edition bottled cocktail is $49.99 and can be purchased here. All proceeds from each bottle will be donated to bartenders nationwide through Turning Tables, a bartending non-profit organization. The idea is to help the bartender survive his dry January drought with less bartending traffic than usual.

Since WhistlePig debuted these two bottled cocktails, a third of the limited edition bottles have sold in the first week of the year. “Launches are happening rapidly,” she says. “Dry and Wet are evenly matched, and by donating 100% of her earnings to her community of bartenders, she plans to raise at least twice as much money as her Dry January last year.”

Last year, to celebrate a dry January, WhistlePig created a 100% rye “non-whiskey” to raise money for the bartending community.

“After the success of last year’s Dry January campaign, we tried to evolve[of different cocktails]last spring,” says Roades. “By early summer, we had landed a dry orange fashion we were proud of and had time left to challenge ourselves to make it even better, so we kept coming back to what orange could be.”

The spirit of Sunkist and its “storytelling grove is a complete parallel to WhistlePig Farm,” she says. “We got in touch with them in early fall to incorporate the essence of their fresh Valencia oranges to complete the cocktails, and it was great fun trying out the barrel-aged oranges for launch.”

According to her, both cocktails are well-balanced and provide fans with ample doses of vitamin C.

Rhoades says he wants people to enjoy the Dry Orange Old Fashioned this month and the Wet Old Fashioned when the month is over.

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