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Although it is dark and cold, the days are beginning to lengthen, adding spring produce to the endless parade of root vegetables, bringing color and vibrancy to our meals. brings joy to your dining table.

If you’ve never invited family and friends over for a gyoza party, this weekend is the perfect time to do so. Participate in stuffing and sealing/pleating to get everyone around the table. Here are some easy gyoza recipes. TV chef and entrepreneur Kwang Hee His Chan’s pork and scallion pot stickers are simple, step-by-step instructions on how to seal. If you like steamed dumplings, try the chicken and shrimp shumai.

Returning to his hometown of Hong Kong to celebrate Chinese New Year with his family for the first time since the pandemic began, Chan stepped into the kitchen at Irish Times Food this weekend as a guest chef. He shares some really simple recipes for festive feasts like Peking duck, sea bass braised with ginger and scallions, and bok choy stir-fried in oyster his sauce.

I once noticed a duck hanging on a modified metal hanger in front of the downstairs cloakroom exhaust fan, but I’m glad to discover I’m not completely crazy from Chang’s recipe. thought. The cool air from the fan did indeed dry out the duck skin and make it very crispy, but if you follow his instructions instead, you can skip this step (spoiler: one cheap coat hanger you can do is It is necessary.It is easy to lose shape).

winner and more winners

There are two more great prizes for subscribers to win this month. His Faithlegg Hotel in Waterford offers the chance to win a luxurious stay with breakfast and dinner at the award-winning Roseville Rooms restaurant. Powerscourt Distillery also offers one winner and three of his guests a private him tour that includes a whiskey tasting, a cocktail class, and a basket of cocktail ingredients.

Congratulations to Mary Ryan for winning the wine package from Oui Chef and Cormac O’Dea for winning the Humper from Fallon & Byrne in our December newsletter.

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Lunar New Year takes over the food and drink section in The Irish Times Magazine this weekend. In addition to Kwanghi Chan’s recipes for her at-home feast, Corinna Hardgrave reviews her new Chinese restaurant Nan and orders takeout from Xi’an Street Food. Lily Higgins makes Chinese steamed eggs, and John Wilson has helpful advice on what to drink with Chinese food.

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