Wales health chief urges NYE revellers to drink less to ease pressure on NHS | Wales

Wales’ chief medical officer has called on New Year’s Eve revelers not to drink too much to ease pressure on overstretched health services.

Sir Frank Atherton said on BBC One’s breakfast show: Sadly, when New Year’s throws in a lot of alcohol, it can go out the window. So I ask people to act wisely. Please don’t put yourself in danger. Don’t endanger others, take care of each other when you’re out, don’t drink too much, don’t get in trouble.

“Sadly that is what we see in the UK at this time of year. Likewise, now is not the time to risk yourself in dangerous activities.There are delays in ambulance services and in fact some of the most serious illnesses. Anything that increases your own risk given the fact that you can only meet your needs.”

When asked what activities people should avoid to reduce their risk of injury, he said: We want people to be healthy and active in the new year.

“It is also very important to keep warm at home. I know that taking care of our health is very difficult with the cost of living crisis.

“Take care of your loved ones. Keep people safe, especially the elderly during this time, and stay well hydrated at home. People can become dehydrated very quickly.” Because there is, then you run into a frailty problem, you fall, and you have to be taken to the hospital.

“That way we can look after each other, look after ourselves and keep the NHS at capacity for those who really need it.”

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