Victoria nurse in trouble for drinking on the job and trying to get others to do it too

A Victorian nurse is having trouble drinking on the job. (Document photo)

Nurse Victoria drinks at work and gets embarrassed when she tries to get others to drink

But this local RN was not fired

A nurse in Victoria has been reprimanded for drinking alcohol on the job and encouraging others to drink, but has not been fired.

This is due to an agreement between the BC College of Nurses and Midwives and RN Adam Powell of Victoria, as set out in a notice posted on the college’s website.

“On 26 January 2023, the Panel of Inquiry addressed the issue of practices related to the consumption of alcohol in the workplace and the offering and encouragement of subordinates and colleagues that occurred between June and September 2022. approved an agreement between the BCCNM and Adam Powell of Victoria to ensure that he does not consume alcohol provided by him while in a position of authority and does not routinely provide patient care. The notice reads, “Consume alcohol while on duty with administrative capacity.”

Chair Powell has voluntarily agreed to the following terms, including “public reprimands, intensive remedial education on ethical practices and professional responsibility and accountability, and regulatory practice consultations to address unsatisfactory practices that underpin agreements.” totally agreed.

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