Valentine’s Day Ideas 2023: Where to Eat and Drink in the San Francisco Bay Area

The patron saint of romance and beekeeping comes to the Bay Area. Yes, it’s already time to start thinking about what to eat, what to drink and what to do this Valentine’s Day.

The good news: Restaurants, vintners, and confectioners across the Bay Area are celebrating the holiday season. Whether you’re in a long-term romantic relationship, trying to have the conversation that defines your relationship, and are apart again, enjoying single life with friends, or falling in love with yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re here… From the South Bay to Wine Country, here are some ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day 2023.

a nice night with your partner

In San Francisco, modern Filipino restaurant Abaca offers an 11-course menu for lovers. Decadent meals include oysters with calamansi pearls, tomato enseimada with uni butter, guinatan crab bisque with black truffle, duck breast, tinutugan raissa his parayok, and rosehip panna his cotter etc. Tickets are $125 per person.


Flour + water in the mission area is giving white lotus With its menu called “Palermo is for lovers”. The $185 menu is a mix of Californian and Sicilian flavors and includes items like Fregola Sarda with Dungeness Crab, Blood Orange, and Sesame Cannoli. Reservations can be made online.

On the French side, La Societe offers an $88 three-course prix fixe menu, with plenty of options for each course. Restaurant spins on citrus-aged halibut crudo, Maine lobster, and deviled eggs with trout roe and caviar are all possibilities.Reservation from 17:00 to 21:30

In North Beach, cassava tells fans on Instagram that its Valentine’s Day menu is its most creative in over a decade. Sea urchin custard, bone marrow kimchi, and crab mac and cheese are just a few of the star dishes. Listed as unable to accommodate dietary restrictions, this meal costs $175 per person and can be booked online.

In the East Bay, Auckland’s Pomera will be serving a special Lovers Brunch on Sunday, February 12th. Rose pistachio granola, blood orange mimosas, French toast, shakshuka, and merguez hash are all on the menu. Donut Savant, the beloved East Bay donut maker, also offers a special treat. Also, at Pomera, he will be offering weekly chocolate cakes such as Oreo Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Triple Chocolate, and Malted Chocolate throughout February. On February 14th, Pomera will offer its standard a la carte menu, with a return visit from Triple His Chocolate Cake. Pomella’s Instagram has all the details and instructions on how to pre-order.

This is a photo of a cake.

Pomera’s malted chocolate cake.

Heading south, Burlingame’s Saffron serves custom cocktails for nightcap conversation. The Sun Also Rises is an elderflower-his pepper-infused gin drink with juniper gin syrup, chambord, and prosecco, giving the holiday a literary twist. Just to clarify, the full Indian restaurant menu is also available on Valentine’s Day.

Going out with friends

Enjoy a $65 2-course dinner and show at rooftop bar Kaiyang. From 4pm to 10pm on February 14th, musician Matt Jaffee will serenade cocktail lovers. Nikkei oysters, sushi, and seafood platters are available, along with optional caviar his service. A new miso caramel bread pudding with whipped cream on domestic milk bread, cajeta, and white miso will also appear on the same night. Reservations can be made online.

Across the marina, Peruvian restaurant Jalanita Another option for larger groups. At the rotisserie, octopus with antiquella sauce, empanadas, chicken rice, Like Lomo Saltado. For dessert, the tres leches cake is a team favorite. Reservations can be made online.

Assorted platter with 2 drinks.

Standard fare for Caillaud’s rooftop bar.

Or maybe you and a group chat member are out celebrating. Wine Country’s Stanley Ranch will host a $125 three-course set meal and wine pairing on Saturday, Feb. 10 and his Sunday, Feb. 11 at resort restaurant Bear. Guests can also book massages, his creations of aromatherapy oils, chocolate truffle-making classes, lovers’ lane walks, and more. In Napa, La Cheve can also present a bouquet of rose conchas to your pals. Vegan options are also available.

Oakland Mama has gangs covered with pan-fried beef and pork meatballs. These are available as an add-on to her 3-course prix fixe dinner for just $37 per person and can accommodate dietary restrictions. Rumor has it that Maria Germano Stacionis, an Italian-American grandmother and mom’s ex-mother, is on the scene for the incident.

stay home night

For a touch of sensational splendor, a Bay Area chocolatier can help. At Castro’s Kokak Chocolates, queer Filipino chocolate maker Carol Gancia brings you full-bodied treats for the holidays. Gancia has launched a new series, Hearts on Fire her collection of truffles, including her 18 single origin dark chocolate truffles made with Nacional cacao from Ecuador. There are also Teddy Bear Lollipops made of dark chocolate with a raspberry finish and dark chocolate PB&J Hearts with raspberry jam and hazelnut filling. Offer Valentine’s Day goodies like truffles to kick out the “jerk who ghosted you.”

A photo of chocolate.

Kocak chocolate teddy bar lollipop and dark chocolate heart.
kokak chocolate

San Francisco’s only non-alcoholic bottle shop, Boisson, has plenty of booze-free liquors to indulge your senses. Non-alcoholic beer is in its heyday, and there are plenty of hemp-based or alcohol-free wines to take home.

In the East Bay, those looking for something to dig their teeth into can turn to Sunday Bakeshop. The Pastry Shop’s lychee tea chiffon cake with raspberry namerka filling and Swiss buttercream is available for pre-order, and the shop has partnered with florist his E’Pume Studio for pick-up in San Francisco. Save $25 if you order by February 4th.

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