UP: Lucknow Police runs awareness campaign on COVID, drink and drive ahead of new year

Ahead of the arrival of the new year, on Wednesday Lucknow Police conducted an awareness campaign on COVID-19 protocols and drunk driving. Police also held a flag march in the city’s Hazratganj district to spread awareness about protocol compliance.

As early as December 21, the UP government alerted the entire state and stepped up preparations. DCP Central’s Aparna Rajat Kaushik said, “We are calling on everyone to follow COVID guidelines as everyone is coming out of their homes for the New Year celebrations.

According to DCP Central, the campaign was carried out because more such cases were reported during the New Year celebrations. “For prevention, the police used a breath analyzer. During the check, the police fined the person who was driving after drinking alcohol,” she said.

This was preceded by a mock drill held on Tuesday in 400 dedicated hospitals spread across 75 districts in Uttar Pradesh, the focus of which was to ensure the availability of ventilators, medicines and oxygen. This comes after the center instructed states to conduct mock drills at all COVID hospitals as part of precautionary measures to check the readiness of medical facilities in case the country’s COVID cases surge. That’s it.

According to an official statement, the pressure of oxygen plants in ICU wards was also monitored during exercises conducted throughout Uttar Pradesh. “In addition to this, a government-appointed node officer and a WHO civilian medical officer also attended the mock exercise,” the statement said.

Deputy Prime Minister Brajesh Pathak visited the district hospital in the capital Balarampur to investigate the mock training. “Police officers were told to go on alert mode regarding the novel coronavirus variant and to take precautionary measures such as not allowing staff to come to hospitals without masks,” the statement said.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the government is very serious about the new strain of Corona. He also looked at the availability of medicines, vaccines, and other essentials. (Ani)

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