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Hyperglycemia: Diabetes affects the body’s insulin and blood sugar levels. In addition to lifestyle changes with regular medications, alternative treatments such as herbs and vitamins may help. I’m doing it.

High blood sugar limits your ability to choose from a variety of foods and drinks, as it makes it difficult to even drink tea. Care must be taken to avoid the ones that cause it.

Here you’ll find the perfect blend of 3 key ingredients to help control blood sugar levels and manage high blood sugar on a regular basis.

Ingredient 1- Carrera

Bitter gourd is beneficial in regulating blood sugar levels. Contains Polypeptide-P, which acts like insulin.

Ingredient 2- Jamun

Commonly known as Java plum or Indian blackberry, it has a high content of potassium and antioxidants that boost energy levels.

Ingredient 3- Amla

Indian gooseberries regulate carbohydrate metabolism and relieve digestive ailments due to their high fiber content.

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This drink is perfect for type 2 diabetics looking for a natural solution to lower blood sugar along with their regular medications.

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