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AhTemperance advisories are usually issued at the beginning of January, but I suspect they will be more helpful towards the end of the month. you might want to. If not, you may wonder if you should have. Either way, you can probably do it with a little inspiration.

There is no shortage of products on the market these days, but their main problem is that they are not cheap. back to the pound. Seedlip’s orange Grove 42, on the other hand, has changed thanks to the use of it by my 12-year-old grandson. Christmas’s most impressive cocktail (Fentyman’s Valencia Orange His G&T with Tonic and Lime Wedge) was recently offered at £18, but is now back at £26.50.

That’s a lot to pay for a tax-free, alcohol-free product (or less than full-strength gin, anyway). It is often argued that additional expensive ingredients must be used to give On the other hand, there is an argument that having a non-alcoholic drink that you view as a reward rather than something you don’t actually enjoy makes you more likely not to drink.

There is also the additional problem that some people who are trying to cut down on drinking in the long term find that products that look too similar to their alcohol equivalents can lead to drinking again. Don’t assume that closer to alcoholic beverages are better (for example, kombucha may be a better option than non-alcoholic beer).

Despite many new products hitting the market, many pubs and restaurants still have limited options. While it would be beneficial to see a wider range for non-drinkers, the good news is that more dedicated, alcohol-free bars and shops are opening up. now has a tasting room in Covent Garden where you can sample a range of non-alcoholic drinks (drinkaware website drinkaware.co.uk has a longer list).

my tip? Start your evening with a non-alcoholic drink or cocktail, even if you’re cutting rather than cutting. And at best, you might end up spending the night without a drink.

5 Drinks to Help You Get Through a Wet February

Gunner the Saint £1.95 (330ml) alcoholfreedrinks.co.uk, £22.99 for 12 original gunners.com. A refreshing citrus drink with a hint of ginger (basically a sexed-up Sprite). Serve with ice and lime.

momokon kombucha £3.90 (330ml) Ocado, £3.99 Planet Organic. Turmeric is actually quite subtle, with a predominant note of citrus. Raw, unfiltered probiotics. You can almost certainly make cheaper kombucha, but it’s a pretty big fail.

Wipers and True Tomorrow Ragger 15 lbs for 6 x 440ml cans. A really good, characteristic, German style Helles from his one of Bristol’s best breweries. Good news for beer lovers trying to cut back.

Highball Classic G&T £1.99 (250ml) drinknolow.co.uk, £4.49 Riceweight. A premixed “gin” tonic based on juniper or other botanicals, served over ice with a wedge of lemon or lime. A convenient bottle to bring to a party.

Lyra’s Classico £9.99 (£53 in some cases). A beautifully bottled, pleasantly appley, alcohol-free fizz that does its Prosecco duty. If you or your partner aren’t drinking, you might lie down on Valentine’s Day.

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