Trying Meghan Markle’s Favorite Almond Spiced Holiday Cocktail

This may be Meghan’s favorite holiday drink, but it’s definitely not my family’s. That said, I could have changed it a bit to my liking.

I added a cinnamon stick to my drink.

Maria Noyen/Insider

My family’s favorite holiday drink has always been Mom’s Coquito. I can confidently say that she is 10 times better than Eggnog.

That said, any recipe can be the basis for creating a meal or drink that’s better suited to whoever consumes it. I think I did.

First, my father suggested adding honey or sugar, which should have increased the sweetness. Second, after some thought, I realized that I was able to run the liquid through a strainer. I guess.

Ultimately, we can understand why Duchess Meghan is a fan of this drink. It smells like Christmas, isn’t as heavy as other holiday drinks, and is perfect when bourbon is your go-to alcohol. I can’t imagine providing that.

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