Top Christmas drink in Michigan

Many of America’s favorite holiday cocktails are traditional celebratory drinks that many people enjoy during the Christmas season.

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Gifts, family time, the spirit of Christmas – there are so many things to look forward to during the holidays. Some argue that it is part of the

Yummly has ranked the favorite holiday cocktails from each US state, offering “a collection of Christmas drink recipes that define comfort and joy.” [and] It might be more fun than an ugly sweater contest. “

From White Russians and peppermint martinis to something called Jingle Juice, the meal planning website has curated a list of “Worthy of You and Your Cheers This Season.”

According to Yummly, in Michigan, mudslides have been the most popular holiday cocktail people have been craving for Christmas.

The website describes it as a grown-up milkshake or a boozy dessert, but Yummly says people in Michigan are obsessed with the drink.

The Chunky Chef’s accompanying recipe blends Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Vodka, Irish Cream, Kahlua, Crème de Cacao, and Chocolate Sprinkles in a blender.

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