TINA energy drink challenge fails to correctly apply federal labeling rules

last month The group has sent letters to more than 40 energy drink companiesHe argued that the common practice of partnering with food brands to incorporate nostalgic candy flavors into drinks amounted to attempts to market the product to children.

Congress considered in 2013

Selling caffeinated energy drinks to children has become a big problem since a teenage girl in Maryland was allegedly killed in 2012 after drinking several large bottles of Monster energy drinks. It is The incident came on the heels of reports of an increase in emergency room visits among children who consumed the beverage. High-profile hearings before CongressPracticed in 2013.

A key element of TINA’s complaint is its use of the Candy logo on energy drink products. “A terrible display of prioritizing profit over common sense and the well-being of children.”na

In a press release, TINA.org Executive Director Bonnie Patten said: “Energy drink company […] is now breaking the law by taking a page out of the e-cigarette industry playbook and using kid-friendly flavors to attract children to adult-oriented products. ”na

Taking cues from tobacco attacks

Matt Orr, partner at Amin Talati Wasserman, LLP, representing some of the targeted energy drink brands, said: NutraIngredients-USALast month Tina “We’re taking a page from the e-cigarette playbook and trying to apply that playbook to energy drinks, but there are significant differences that could dampen regulatory interest.”na

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