TikToker Gets Thrown To The Ground By Her Hair After Cutting Drink Line & Claiming To Be ‘Obnoxiously Beautiful’ – OutKick

TikToker learned a valuable lesson at its New Year’s Eve event in Nashville about how reality and social media are two different things. She figured that with thousands of followers on the video-sharing platform, she could jump to the front of the drinks line.

She was wrong and quickly realized there was a difference between TikTok and reality. A woman patiently waiting in line confronted a TikToker cut in front of everyone. What happened next is too good to be true.

TikToker makes outrageous claims after standing in line (Image credit: desi.self/TikTok)

TikToker, who goes by the name lexiiisofly on the app, turned on the phone and attempted to record a woman confronting her. The woman tapped her phone and answered. Slaps had no effect and things only escalated from there.

The two continued to exchange words. Lexi had her cell phone in her hand the entire time, presumably for recording. Luckily, so was another person in line.The entire altercation wasn’t lost forever, but could only be enjoyed by those who witnessed it.

If it had been lost forever, this incredible line would not have been preserved for the rest of the time. “This ugly bitch.”

“You motherfucker, I’m going to beat you up.”

After this incredible statement was put in another person’s face, I heard some men say that she has 70,000 followers on TikTok. Either they misheard her or Lexi lied, in fact she only has her 17,000.

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After this little misinformation, the two women continue to argue. They still exchange words after Lexi receives her drink. The last comment to the woman turned out to be a mistake.

The woman pulled TikToker’s hair and threw it to the ground. The two then walk off into a night in Nashville as if what just happened was perfectly normal.

In many ways, these types of interactions are perfectly normal. People throw anything. In this case, I don’t blame the “disgustingly beautiful” would-be influencer at all for teaching her a lesson.

You can’t just walk in front of a drink line where people have been waiting for 40 minutes and expect your TikTok follow to work straight in front of the line pass. It’s not real.

If you have over 100,000 followers, it might be a different story. Don’t worry about Lexi. She learned a lesson about reality and social her media.

She shared a message with her 17,000 followers after a video of the incident began to garner attention. In it, she explains that it wasn’t all that serious. The clip includes an overlay of her with the text “Me to the old lady who feel with the right to physical as me bc I jumped a line and now she have to go to jail.”

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