TikTok drink bottle hack causes nationwide PVC pipe shortage

Frank Green bottles and car cup holders don't always go together.  (Document photo)


Frank Green bottles and car cup holders don’t always go together. (Document photo)

Thanks to the TikTok trend, a line of plastic pipe that normally sells poorly is facing a national shortage.

The trend started thanks to Australian TikTok user Maddy Ryan owning a 1 liter Frank Green drink bottle. This bottle was too wide to fit in the car’s cup holder, but at 100×65 mm he found the PVC level reverse taper worked well.

PVC pipes are usually used for drainage, but in this hack, the smaller end of the pipe fits in your car’s cup holder, while the larger end is perfect for holding a drink bottle in place. size.

The caption for the video, “Work smarter, not harder,” showed her inserting a pipe into a cup holder and then a drink bottle into the pipe.

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But now the hack has been viewed 3.5 million times, and with Australians and Kiwis doing the same hack, more videos are being watched, leading to a “massive increase in demand” for plumbing across the country. ‘ is causing

According to Miter 10 Chief Product Officer Chris Peak, the product is typically a slow-selling product.

“However, sales in January have certainly spiked, with some stores temporarily out of stock.”

The good news for those wanting to try the hack is that the products are locally manufactured so suppliers can produce them quickly.

Those who attempted the hack had spray-painted the piping a variety of colors to make it their own.Peak said the Miter 10 manufactured the piping in gray and black so customers could match it to their car and color. It also says it is investigating whether it can offer options to coordinate interiors.

Plumbing prices range from $12 to $36 at Miter 10 and Bunnings.

PVC-level reverse tapers are used by TikTok users as makeshift cup holders.


PVC-level reverse tapers are used by TikTok users as makeshift cup holders.

Wayne Martin, Bannings National Plumbing Buyer, said stores have seen a significant increase in demand for the product.

“We currently have limited inventory of additional products that are expected to arrive in stores nationwide in the coming weeks.

Bunnings Australia has jumped on the trend by putting their piping in large boxes labeled ‘cup holders’.

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