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The Bank Barroom & Eatery serves upscale cocktails.

HuhVery town has a place to eat It’s revered for reasons far from the menu: the building’s location, history, and appearance. The Bank: Barroom & Eatery is one of his three new restaurants in the heart of Sandpoint’s small but dense downtown.

The Bank is one of the first Sandpoint restaurants you’ll see when you enter town from the south on Highway 95 and Long Bridge. It occupies his ground floor of a two-story turn-of-the-century brick building that houses a series of restaurants, including Sand Creek Grill. Most recently, it was Beet and Basil, a Bonner Mall food truck. (In the meantime, owners Jeremy Holzaffel and Jessica Voke are building a nearby location that is set to open in 2023.)

The bank’s name is partly inspired by its history, according to owner Nicholas “Nick” Nizzoli.

“I wanted to nod a little to its origins as a financial building,” says Nizzoli. Some still call Fidelity He Trust building.

Banks are also involved in the restaurant’s location on the banks of Sand Creek, he says.

While the current menu is modest with a few shareable dishes, entrees and rotating specials, Nizzoli will expand its menu in 2023, launching a lunch service in January and brunch in June. I plan to start. The Bank Board ($19) varies seasonally and currently features Bluebird Bakery and Sel Valley Creamery cheese focaccia, hummus, toasted nuts, raw vegetable platters, and pickles.

Nizzoli, who grew up in Sandpoint and worked at the iconic Ivano’s Ristorante (now the Blue Room) as a teenager, loves The Bank’s Warmed Citrus Olives ($9).

“They’re really high quality, they’re marinated in olives and olive oil and herbs imported from Italy and then heated up. It’s a great little bar snack appetizer,” he says.

Also, try the arugula salad with local Pack River Farms vegetables ($16), or hearty entrees like short ribs with rosemary demi-glace and cheesy polenta ($32). .

Nizzoli opened The Bank in July 2022 after renovations that included adding a second full bar serving the back patio. Outside, he repainted the walls, unusual river rock door and window trim in two-tone grey. Nizzoli also moved the entrance facing First Avenue to the north side of the building so that patrons enter the bar rather than the dining area.

“Since I stepped into the industry, it’s been something I’ve been really passionate about.” An experienced Nizzori says.

But when he got home, Nizzoli realized that Sandpoint’s craft cocktail scene was missing. When he returned to Sandpoint during the pandemic-related shutdown, Nizzoli found another iconic Sandpoint spot that Nick’s father Jeff founded in 1994 and still owns at his Eichard’s. He spent two years developing plans for his place while working at the Pub and Grill.

Nizzoli’s cocktail menu emphasizes ingredients made from scratch, including bitters, shrubs, syrups and juices with a twist. For those accustomed to Jack Daniel’s and Coke, Nizzoli says he offers “another cocktail with honey and bitters in whiskey to bring familiar flavors to a new platform.”

Banks also offer options for those who abstain from alcohol.

“There are a lot of people in my generation who have decided that drinking isn’t for them,” says Nizzoli.

The Zero Proof Health Food ($7) drink features carrots and ginger shrubs, while the 3% ABV Sunset ($9) includes slow gin, lemon juice, and herbal tea.

“Everyone deserves to experience and have something beautiful, exciting and delicious,” says Nizzoli.

The Bank: Barroom & Eatery
105 S. First Ave. • Open Tue-Thu
4-8pm, Friday-Saturday 4-9pm • • 208-946-2952
beet and basil
775 Bonner Mall Way, Ponderlee
• Open Wednesday to Friday, 11am to 3pm • • 208-627-7715
barrel 33
100 N. First Ave. Open Sunday-Thursday
10am-7pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-8pm •
Barrel 33 • 208-920-6258
113 Main
113 Main St. • Open Tue-Sat
3:00pm – 9:00pm • 208-255-7558

N.Entrance to The Bank Another one of two new Sandpoint watering holes. Barrel 33 opened in October and features a predominantly local drinks menu and a small, thoughtful food menu. Patrons can find microbrews from MickDuff’s, No-Li Brewhouse, and Paragon Brewing, or local wines from Barrister in Spokane, Colter’s Creek in Moscow, and Cabin View Winery in Sandpoint.

The menu includes baked brie with fig jam and crackers ($12), pretzels with beer cheese and mustard ($15), flatbread platters ($13-$16), toasted sandwiches ($13-$15), and classic desserts. and so on that can be shared. Chocolate lava cake ($10).

Sandpoint’s third new spot is still in the works, according to owner Justin Dick, now a member of Sandpoint City Council and a longtime restaurateur. In addition to co-ownership of Jalapeno, Dick established his Trinity in City Beach in 2009 with his wife Shawnavie Best Western within his Edgewater. However, anticipating a change in the hotel where Trinity is now located, Dicks purchased his one-story brick building at 113 Maine. The street they recently opened as a bar and restaurant is now called 113 Main.

“We have a full bar, beer, wine, and a few small plates while the last kitchen equipment is set up,” says Dick.

He hopes to offer a full menu by January 2023, including entrees such as crispy-skinned halibut over homemade gnocchi with white wine butter sauce, fennel and capers.

Like The Bank, 113 Main incorporates local history into their brand.

“We have worked with the Bonner County Historical Society to gather historical photographs from the building’s past, and we plan to eventually work with the public to rename the facility,” said Dick. , 113 Main was formerly a trolley station, a dry cleaner and most recently Truby’s Health. mart.

“I want to incorporate the building’s past and preserve its history through the various businesses that lived in the space. [so] That sandpoint will learn and receive lessons from history, old and new,” says Dick.

113 Main does not have an online presence or a phone yet, as it will likely be renamed. Instead, Dick tells him to contact Trinity at City Beach if he has any questions, or just be adventurous and drop by in person. ♦

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