‘Those who drink alcohol will die,’ says Nitish Kumar on Bihar hooch tragedy

Hooch tragedy in Bihar: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Thursday that “whoever drinks alcohol will die”. The comments came a day after at least 38 people died after allegedly drinking fake liquor in various villages in Chapra district.

Speaking to the media about the Chhapra hooch tragedy, Nitish Kumar said, “Logo ko sachet rehna chahiye, jo sharab pyega wo marega. [Those who drink liquor will die. People should be careful]’, reported India Today.

Janata Dal (United) chief also said: “Last time when people died because of fake alcohol, someone said they should compensate.If someone drinks, they will die. in front of,” he said.

Please note that the sale and consumption of alcohol has been banned in Bihar since 2016. Liquor bans have opened the gates for the illegal sale of counterfeit liquor, resulting in numerous deaths. Bihar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat are his two big states with such bans in place.

On Wednesday, the state’s main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), targeted Prime Minister Nitish Kumar in parliament. BJP’s MLA blamed an alleged “link” between the police and an illegal liquor dealer for the death in Chapra.

Meanwhile, Nitish Kumar lost his cool and went mad at the rally. The JDU leader was also seen gesturing to the BJP MLA to keep quiet.

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