Those who are born, eat and drink in India should be called ‘Hindu’: Kerala Governor

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said the word ‘Hindu’ is a geographical term and that anyone born in India and who eats and drinks in India should be called ‘Hindu’. The governor made the remarks at Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday during the inauguration of the “Hindu Conclave” organized by Malayali Hindus who settled in North America.

“Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan once said that he thought Hindu was a geographical term, not a religious term. Anyone born in India could eat food grown in India, I drink water from Indian rivers, but I deserve to be called a Hindu,” he said. He said. “You must call me Hindu… It was perfectly fine to use terms such as Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh in colonial times.

The governor of Kerala has previously denounced the BBC documentary, saying that people who want to see India in 100 pieces are upset and therefore indulge in such negative propaganda. “Those who prophesied the darkness of India, those who said India would be split into hundreds of pieces, are upset and therefore see all these conspiracies in which this kind of negative propaganda is carried out. They are making such a documentary and indulging in it.Why don’t they make a documentary about when the British came to India,” said Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad.

He said India is not a poor country. “That’s why people from outside the country came to India in search of its amazing wealth. But by 1947, India almost became the symbol of poverty in South Asia. But now Now everything has changed,” he said. “Today, multinationals are led by people from India and the world recognizes India’s potential. We know that we cannot intimidate us, we have never used these powers to control others, rather we believe in the latent divinity of men and women. I am,” he added.

In particular, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the United Kingdom aired a two-part series attacking Modi’s tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat during the 2002 Gujarat riots. The documentary caused outrage and was removed from some platforms. (Ani)

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