These Ice Straws Keep Your Drink Chilled and Eliminate the Need for Single Use Plastic

These new ice straws by The Ice Guys keep your drinks chilled while fighting single-use plastic pollution.

There are many reusable straw alternatives, including aluminum, silicone, and stainless steel. But now the Ice Guys have a solution that allows us to rethink what we think of straws. Ice straws last long enough to finish your drink and leave no waste.

The product is water frozen in a silicone mold and comes in three different sizes to suit your drinking needs. There is also a larger size that can be used for boba.

The Ice Guys claim that you can pre-freeze them in silicone molds, take them out and store them in the freezer, and the straws will be ready whenever you need them.

The Ice Guys are seeking funding for Ice Straw on Kickstarter and have already raised over $45,000.

Check out the Kickstarter for more information on Ice Straw.

Thankfully, many places and businesses have banned single-use plastics. Worldwide, we produce 300 million tons plastic every year 78 percent of which is not recovered or recycled.around it 8.8 million tons of plastic Dumped into the sea every year! 700 marine animals They are threatened with extinction due to the threats posed to them in the form of plastic entanglement, pollution and ingestion. 50 percent sea ​​turtles have plastic in their stomachs. By 2050, 99 percent All seabird species ingest plastic waste.according to Research by the World Economic Forum.

Read more about corporate preferences Facebook, tupperware, Google, pigeon, budweiser, CarlsbergWhen FIJI Water We are committed to reducing plastic pollution.places around the world like Tel Aviv, California, baltimore, Scotland, Many more countries have banned various single-use plastics. creative ways to recycle When Utilize plastic waste.

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