These are the Best NYC Airport Bars

The old airport used to be very attractive. I’ve seen old photos of gleaming modernist architecture, brightly smiling Pan American flight attendants, well-dressed travelers sipping martinis watching planes take off and quietly debating whether plastic is the future. There will be

But these days, weary kids (and adults) are screaming, TSA agents are uncomfortably close to your goods, and airports are becoming more of a necessary evil. The airports in the New York metropolitan area have a particularly bad reputation, although they have improved somewhat in recent times, probably due to the sheer number of people passing through and how cumbersome it is to get to the airport from the city center. The reason is that

A saving grace for those without lounge access is the airport bar. relatively A quiet place to have a drink, pass time and chat with interesting strangers (or just enjoy some solitude). Airport bars and restaurants tend to have a lesser reputation. A quick survey of most stores reveals that he is inundated with one-star reviews by picky travelers. Find competent staff who are willing and able to get through security every day.

But audiences are captives, which is the only reason anyone is willing to pay ridiculously high fares (although the Port Authority is supposedly cracking down on these exploitative markups). But if you have time to sit up straight and have a drink, then waiting for your flight can be a good idea. Postponed again? Damn, you better get another one.

If you’re passing through JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark this holiday season, get to the airport early and grab a drink to celebrate your way through security. Here are some of the best NYC airport bars at his three airports in the NYC area.

fast bar

LaGuardia Gateway Partner

Bar Veloce: LaGuardia Terminal B

The East Village has been home to Bar Veloce’s original location for over 20 years. Luckily, the wine bar is also located in LaGuardia’s shiny new Terminal B. His LGA outpost of chic Italian spots serves paninis and light fare.

What to drink: Wine, of course. Unless you’re there early in the day, in which case the Habanero Mary will wake you up quickly.

Spirit & Bell : LaGuardia Terminal B

One of the last bars to emerge from COVID-19 hibernation, Spirit & Bell is a full-service wine and cocktail bar with a charming Art Deco aesthetic, perfect for a romantic airport meet-up. The cocktail menu is modest but comprehensive, offering concoctions that are not only light and fruity, but also big and boozy.

What to drink: Early morning flight? Spirit & Bell’s House Mimosa is made with Prosecco and orange and Philippine citrus calamansi cordials.

sunday shipper

sunday shipper


Sunday Dinner: LaGuardia Terminal C

You might not expect much from an Italian-American themed airport restaurant (or an airport restaurant, for that matter), but Sunday Supper is worth a visit. Set in a stylish space with plenty of bar seating, this New York red sauce joint features a beverage menu that trendy Manhattan restaurants make money on. Enjoy classic cocktails, local craft beer options, and a curated wine list.

What to drink: Sip on a nice, firm Negroni to soothe your pre-flight anxiety.

Martini Bar: JFK Terminal 1

If any of JFK’s canteens can be named one of NYC’s best airport bars, it’s probably the Martini Bar (not to be confused with the Drinks Martini Bar in Terminal 8. But the American or If you’re on a British plane, it’s totally cromulant.). It’s been called the best place to have a drink in JFK, which may not mean much, but it’s something.

What to drink: Martinis are, of course, dry and delicious and served cold.

New York cracks down on very expensive airport food and alcohol

Blue Point Brewing: JFK Terminal 4

At least one local microbrewery outpost greets travelers at many airports across the United States. The closest is the location of Blue Point Brewing in JFK, which technically represents Long Island. Have a beer during the flight as a fun way to kill time before takeoff.

What to drink: You can’t go wrong with Blue Point Toasted Lager. Refreshing, malty and refreshing.

Oe Wine Bar

Oe Wine Bar


Oeno Wine Bar: Newark Terminal C

In-flight wine choices tend to include red, white, and sparkling, and not much else. However, wine lovers departing from Newark can enjoy a pre-flight game with his selection of over 60 bottles at Oeno Wine Bar. Paninis and small plates are also available.

What to drink: The wine selection varies so ask your server if you need help.

Vesper Tavern

Vesper Tavern


Vesper Tavern: Newark Terminal C

Oysters at Newark Liberty may sound dangerous, but if there’s a live airport bar worth a visit, it’s probably this spacious venue. Vesper was conceived by New York chef Paul Liebrandt, who has a Michelin-starred pedigree.

What to drink: The namesake cocktail, Vesper, first appeared in a James Bond novel in 1953. Order and feel like 007 yourself. If Bond flew out of Newark.

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