The water you drink is 4.5 billion years old, scientists reveal

The oxygen in the cloud then came into contact with dust particles. It froze and stuck to the surface.

This caused the lighter hydrogen molecules in the cloud to hover over frozen dust particles until they encountered oxygen.

This interaction resulted in the formation of water ice. But that’s just the first step, called the cold phase.

Gravity then began to work its magic on the ice, and matter began to gather in the center. As more mass fell into the center of the cloud, a protostar was born.

Gravity turned to heat, and the gas and dust in the cloud reached 100 Kelvin (-280 degrees Fahrenheit).

Water is now abundant on Earth.

Ice water turned into steam.

This caused sublimation, turning the ice into water vapour. This was the second stage, the protostar stage.

There was a lot of water at this stage, but it was all steam. Then proceeded to step 3.

At this stage we saw the introduction of the protoplanetary disk which would carry in it everything that would eventually become the planets of the solar system.

At this stage, the water ice formed in step 1 and converted to gas in step 2 reverts to ice in the coldest regions of the protoplanetary disk. The dust particles are again covered with a mantle of ice.

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