The Traditional Small Bite Pairings To Try While Drinking Mezcal

In Mexico, the typical pairing for drinking mezcal is the traditional small sip. You can enjoy it refreshingly with These combinations allow drinkers to appreciate different flavor profiles, and some even act as palate cleansers.

One of the most common pairings is orange slices topped with worm salt. According to Mexcalistas, worm salt is a powder containing a mixture of dried agave worms, chili, and salt that stands out against the harsh mezcal flavor. the ultimate pairing.

However, if that doesn’t sound appetizing, it might be the cheese.Those in the cheese world know that Oaxaca is known not only for its mezcal, but also for its stringy, white, creamy cheese. I’m here. So chewing on a salty snack is another great addition to the mezcal experience.

Finally, sweet tooths can definitely enjoy dark chocolate with mezcal. Both products originated in Mexico and are both fermented, so they often share slightly similar flavor profiles, according to Just Luxe. We promise to keep you intrigued until the bite).

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