The Tipping Etiquette Rule For 2-For-1 Drink Specials

The tipping system is incredibly exploitative, Eater notes, but you can’t opt ​​out of it. So how much should you tip a bartender? As Thrillist shows, different experts have different opinions, but the general consensus is at least $1 per drink, or If you’re running a tab, that means you should tip 18% to 20% of the total bill at the end of the night. , just like in a sit-down restaurant.

When you pay per drink, or per round of drinks, there’s some leeway for what’s considered appropriate, unless, as Food & Wine explains, you’re ordering a cocktail that’s more complicated than a simple pour. , $1 per drink is an acceptable tip. In this case, the price goes up to $2 per drink. Food & Wine also notes that drink specials are not exempt from tipping rules. Even if the bar offers a “2 for 1” promotion and uses it to buy matching drinks for you and your friend, the bartender does the work of pouring his two drinks. so you have to tip twice. Yes, tipping will increase the percentage of your bill, but it will save you the total cost of your second drink.

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