The South American Corn-Based Drink You Should Know

As reported by My Colombian Recipes, shampoo is a traditional drink enjoyed by many in the Valle region of Colombia. It is made from a mixture of corn and fruit, usually pineapple and lulo, a popular fruit with a jelly-like texture and small, thin seeds (also called naranjira or “little orange” in Spanish) (a specialty To make the shampoo, soak dried corn overnight and then cook. Then add panera (a type of brown sugar), orange leaves, cloves, cinnamon, mashed rouge and pineapple to the corn base. Finally, topping the drink with ice makes for a tart-but-sweet-tasting cold drink perfect for hot days (according to Open Lab).

Colombians aren’t the only ones who like this delicious drink, different varieties of champas exist all over South America. The drink is also served in Ecuador and Peru, though versions may include other fruits such as quince and guanabana (via World Food Guide). but we also provide warm food on cold days.

Corn may have a modest reputation, you may think it’s average or boring, but Colombian Shampoo proves that even staple ingredients can be transformed with exciting new preparations. .

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