The Perfect Food and Drink Pairings for You and Your Valentine

Planning for Valentine’s Day is as easy as serving your favorite romantic tidbits along with a cocktail made for SO. Whether your sweetie prefers sweet, salty, or sizzling Valentine’s Day treats, there are food and drink pairings to suit their style. Together, they’re guaranteed to surprise (and beg for) your own perfect match at home. It will be a date night experience.

chocolate strawberry and kalua sherry

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Chocolate-covered strawberries may not be innovative, but this combination is a romantic classic for a reason. To do. Enter Kalua Sherry, a coffee liqueur paired with a nutty fortified wine and a touch of lemon zest, for a smooth yet not cloying drink, where caramel notes of sherry bring out the sweetness of chocolate and fruit. accentuates and brings a new dimension to this his V-Day classic.

Dream cheese board with Kahlua and soda

grazing board

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Celebrate the holidays in style with our multi-layered charcuterie board. What better way to show love and affection than cheese and meat? Hard and soft cheeses and classic garnishes such as crackers and dried fruit are perfect for a romantic holiday spread. Pairing the board with a simple cocktail of Kahlua and Club Soda creates a surprisingly slightly effervescent contrast to this flavorful treat. The soda cuts through Kahlua’s natural sweetness, and the cocktail balances the saltiness of this sumptuous, romantic meal.

Heart-shaped cookie and espresso martini

Full frame shot of heart shaped cookies

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The espresso martini is making a comeback. This classic cocktail combines Kahlua, vodka and freshly brewed espresso for a strong, sweet and smart drink. Everything you need for Valentine’s Day. Performing the familiar post-meal ritual of drinking coffee at the end of a meal, this pairing ups the ante. The sweetness of the sugar cookie pairs perfectly with the slightly bitter notes of the espresso, a combination you’ll want to repeat again and again long after the holidays are over.

Figs and honey and white Russians

Fresh figs and honey on rustic background

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No fruit is as sensual as a fig. We love the idea of ​​dipping these ripe luscious beauties in honey as a decadent treat. Pair this duo with a creamy concoction of White Russian, Kahlua, Vodka and Cream for the perfect flavor contrast. .

Lava Chocolate Cake and Black Russian

chocolate cake with melted core

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For lavish romance, pull out all the stops and dive headfirst into chocolate lava cake. Gooey chocolate erupts from the heart of this iconic dessert, and it’s as delicious as it is romantic. Black Russians may not first come to mind as the ideal pairing for this sip of chocolate heaven, but this classic cocktail of vodka with a dash of Kahlua offers just a hint of sweetness. So you don’t overrun that decadent dessert. You might notice that the cake tastes even more chocolatey with cold black Russian cheese on hand.

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