The German Coffee Drink With A Boozy Twist

As with any coffee cocktail, the most important consideration is the type of coffee used. According to Perfect Brew, a variety of coffee methods work, but a double shot of well-drawn espresso offers the best flavor and mouthfeel. For this recipe, the finest white rum is preferred. Assembly is much easier than sourcing materials. After pouring a double shot of coffee into a cup, mix 1 tablespoon of white sugar with 1 ounce of rum. Add hand whipped cream on top. Stirring the drink is not recommended. It’s meant to be sipped through the foam.

There are, of course, many variations, some incorporating whiskey rather than sugar cane spirit. However, the most common base is dark rum, and I Like Germany is a boozy with the liqueur’s more intense flavors. We recommend the Jamaican interpretation. The sweetness should perfectly offset her two other choices. After a few tries, you’ll have your own perfect variation. The perfect after-meal drink to enjoy with German Spice Cookies.

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