The Fruity Thai Drink That’s Full Of Coconut Jelly

Mogu Mogu first appeared in Thailand in 2001 as the brand’s breakout beverage. His second-generation owner of the family business, he launched under Adisak Ruckariyaphong, Mogu Mogu was born from a concept inspired by Natahi decoco, widely known for its Southeast Asian snacks and desserts. . Coconut jelly, made by fermenting the liquid inside young, green coconuts, is sweet and flavorful with a unique chewy texture. In fact, when Mogu-Mogu was first released, the slogan was “I have no choice but to chew”.

Mogu Mogu’s success came almost overnight, quickly becoming a crunchy snack drink from Asia to Europe, the Middle East and the US (by Get Mogu Mogu). A quick search on Youtube will bring up hundreds of mukbang videos (or Korean food shows) with thousands of views. It is also the subject of the catchy song “Mogumoguyami” by Okayu Nekomata, one of the virtual talents of Japanese tech entertainment company Hololive Productions. You can find more clips of people from all over the world sharing their tastes.

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