The Entertainment Industry Invests In Gen Z Veering More Towards Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Generation Z has arguably become, if ever, a trend-setting generation. From content consumption to monetary perspectives, this group has changed the fabric of our society as major institutions have adapted to its habits and become relevant in the future. One market in which celebrities are investing more and more these days is the non-alcoholic beverage market.

A September 2022 post revealed more details about Katy Perry and Blake Lively entering the market with their respective brands. From energy drinks to juices to mocktails, the idea of ​​no need for alcoholism and depressants is becoming more prominent. .

One of the key elements of the deal is making someone feel the so-called buzz without alcohol and the subsequent hangover possibility.

Luis Manta, founder of California-based non-alcoholic beverage company Seoul Juice, who was recently featured in David Meltzer’s two-minute drill, believes the trend is just getting started. His Manta, a college athlete and member of his Generation Z, commented that his brand, and others in the space, will start to move forward in the next few years.

“Look what KSI and Logan Paul did with Prime. They used their influence over our generation to get millions of people to buy their products. A caffeinated energy drink with around 20kcal per bottle, it is a healthier product compared to other drinks on the energy market and has a lot to offer to the health conscious younger generation. It’s got electrolytes, B vitamins, and some coconut water all in it.”

“Frankly, I think our minds are always moving away from getting drunk and toward living life to the fullest and really experiencing everything without the need for ‘Dutch Courage’.”

The YouTuber’s products are selling out in large numbers across the UK. Some stores have caps on how many you can buy in a single purchase, and some have a selling point of up to £20 ($24).

Like Prime, Manta’s products are also packed with electrolytes, but they also contain over 400mg of potassium per bottle, making them very good for replenishing the body. wanted a clean, natural product that would help athletes avoid consuming too much sugar. He also understood that the college lifestyle could still involve a lot of alcohol and wanted a solution.

Manta continued, “Korean pears contain an ingredient called dihydromyricetin (DHM), which helps the body detoxify from alcohol. It lowers levels.It is also recommended to combine with alcohol to reduce hangover symptoms.”

Manta told BevNet: In Asia, some regions call Korean/Asian pears Nashinashi.We liked the name and wanted to incorporate it into our brand. ”

Many celebrities have also pushed to incorporate similar products. Dwayne Johnson started ZOA, a product containing natural ingredients such as camu camu and acerola, B vitamins, and naturally occurring caffeine. Along with fitness enthusiast Johnson, he also launched two of his flavors designed to be consumed pre-workout.

Regarding the brand’s range, Johnson said shortly after launch: It’s a combination of ingredients,” Johnson said. “My co-founder and I have spent the past 18 months formulating this healthy, great-tasting product that we can use more than ever before, providing the vital vitamins and immune support we consume every day. ZOA contains a unique combination of 100% Vitamin C, 100% Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, and Vitamin D along with other key ingredients, making it the world’s first and only healthy formula. A powerful energy drink, ZOA is packed with nutrients that support the immune system and provide a healthy dose of caffeine needed for focus, balance and success throughout the day. I’m really honored to be able to put it out there.”

Arizona Cardinals defensive end NFL footballer JJ Watt wanted his new investment Athletic Brewing Co to retain the flavor of beer, but again without the alcohol. He was joined by NFL star Justin Tuck, Lance his Armstrong, and chef David Chan.

“When we started Athletic Brewing, we recognized the potential to free non-alcoholic beer out of the penalty box and open up new opportunities for the beer industry,” said co-founder of Athletic Brewing. Bill Shufeldt says. “Lance, David, Blake Justin, and JJ are leaders in their respective professional and personal endeavors, who see value in our pursuit of providing uncompromising living and have greatly demonstrated our mission. , put us on the road to mammoth ‘success in 2021 and beyond. ”

“I am fortunate to have found Athletic Brewing in my early days. It has shown great commitment,” said JJ Watt.

In late 2021, supermodel Bella Hadid launched a non-alcoholic, plant-infused seltzer brand called Kin Euphorics with Kin CEO and co-founder Jen Batchelor. This drink contains adaptogenic herbs, nootropics, and botanicals that have been widely praised in this new cool curiosity movement.

The company’s two brands, Kin Spritz and Lightwave, serve different markets. Hadid commented that Lightwave worked well in giving her confidence without alcohol for social purposes.

“I drink this when I have crippling anxiety and can’t leave the house, or when I’m not going to drink alcohol but want to relax, talk to people and socialize,” she explained to InStyle. The drink has also helped ease stress-related insomnia, Hadid says. “You don’t have to slump your butt and get 15 hours of sleep, but it really calms your brain, nervous system, and late-night thoughts.” I drink it before bed and sleep like a baby,” Hadid said.

“It’s like the moment I have my ritual where I can be with myself. I don’t take sleeping pills anymore. When I was flying a lot, it was like when I was flying.” was the only way to avoid getting jet lag. But now I’m really holistic and doing something to my body every day.

In 2021, Hadid cut alcohol out of her fluid intake significantly and said she doesn’t think she’ll be back.

“Considering what I said five years ago when I graduated from high school, I know how it affects me when I wake up at 3 in the morning with severe anxiety, so I know that need. “Essentially, the endless effects of pain and stress over a few drinks that don’t really do much, right?”

Alcoholic beverage brands still thrive among certain demographics, but year-over-year growth in various sectors of the non-alcoholic market are all on an upward trend. Potential harbinger of relationship future.

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