The Big Drink: 50 Most Iconic Cocktails in San Francisco 2023

At the beginning of 2022, many bars were hit hard by the pandemic, and most were playing it safe. The cocktail menu was limited to key necessities that bartenders could perform well in the “new normal” era.

As 2023 kicks off, swanky cocktail lounges, hotel lobby bars and rooftop venues are rounding out new corners to open throughout.

While there are no doubt some new drinks waiting for “iconic” status, this year’s list fits many of San Francisco’s most famous signatures: “I’ll have another drink.” .

Of course, the list includes newcomers to fame, such as La Mar’s pisco sour, Hog Island’s mezcal-flavoured michelada, and Blondie’s pint glass-sized martini.We are also toasting the return of PCH after Covid

Things are in flux right now. Get out there and complete this year’s list. We predict a big change in 2024.

Red window cobbler on red window.

(Marco Fiorito)

Open Sesame at Causewells.

(Stephanie Amberg)

Kaiyo’s Space Adventure Cobra.

(Provided by Kaiyo rooftop)

1. Zombies in the Tonga Room, 1934. Don’t jump into the pool, your head may swim. Rum, lime, grapefruit, cinnamon, farlernum, absinthe, bitters. /// Fairmont Hotel, 950 Mason St. (Nob Hill),

2. 20th Century at Stokes Club Moderne. Throwback this throwback. Gin, quinine wine, crème de cacao, lemon. /// 895 Bush Street (TenderNob),

3. After the Gold Rush in Holy Water. It’s still the holy quartile. Bourbon, pineapple gum syrup, apricot and lime. /// 309 Cortland Avenue (Bernal Heights),

4. Bacchus Old Fashioned from Schroeder’s. Pair with pretzels. German grape brandy, rye, bitters, sugar, absinthe. /// 240 Front Street (FiDi),

5. Bloodhound of bloodhounds. Please send me a hunting dog. Gin or Vodka, Grapefruit, Lime, Campari, Prosecco. /// 1145 Folsom Street (Soma),

6. Hog Island Oyster Company’s Blood in the Water Tomatoes in your throat; mezcal, jalapeno cordial, bloody mary mix, mignonette tonic, lime and beer. /// #11 Ferry Building (Embarcadero),

7. Zeitgeist’s Bloody Mary. You may see a pink elephant. Garnish with vodka, tomato juice, spices and pickles. /// 199 Via Valencia (Mission),

8. Horsefeather’s California Cooler. Fine wines; gin, celery, lime, thyme, sauvignon blanc, horseradish, sparkling wine. /// 528 Divisadero (NoPa),

9. Comstock Saloon Cherry Bounce. Pamper your feet with bourbon, cherry brandy, lemon, bitters and champagne. /// 155 Columbus Avenue (North Beach),

10. Chinese Mai Tai at Ripo Cocktail Lounge. It became famous locally and then Bourdain. Rum, Chinese liqueur, pineapple. /// 916 Grant Avenue (Chinatown),

11. The Czech and Libra on the Sea Star. Czech: Bourbon, Amaro, Lemon, Honey, Allspice. /// 2289 3rd St. (Dogpatch),

12. Bad Vibes buster at Ocean Beach Café. Kill Ikkiejuju and spare the liver. Non-alcoholic botanical spirit, hemp and root spirit, honey, lemon, orange bitters, cinnamon. /// 734 La Playa Street (Outer Richmond),

13. Dublin Honey in Ice Cream Bar. Got this. Guinness, caramel honey ice cream, Valrhona chocolate syrup, port. /// 815 Coal Street (Coal Valley),

14. Spruce greyhound teeth. Class up the classic. Vodka, Benedict, Grapefruit, Lemon, Grapefruit Bitters. /// 3640 Sacramento Street (Presidio Heights),

15. Hats in the junior ring. throw you Gin, bitter aperitif, grapefruit, bitters. /// 2545 24 Cent (Mission),

16. Wild Seed Holy Basil. Plant-based party here. Green chili vodka, lime, cucumber, basil shrub. /// 2000 Union Street (Cow Hollow),

17. Buddy’s House Campari Soda. Open your palate and open your heart. Bitter vermouth, cherry quinine liqueur, aperitif, orange bitters, soda. /// 3115 22nd Street (Mission),

18. Irish Coffee at Buena Vista Cafe. OG; Irish whiskey, coffee, sugar and cream. /// 2765 Hyde Street (Fisherman’s Wharf),

19. I’ve loved life too much for a long time. Choose a way of life; cognac, pear spice liqueur, crème de cacao. A shot of sparkling wine on the side. /// 2 Marina Road (Fort Mason),

20. Jamaican Zombies in Zombie Village. Awaken the dead. Rum, Grapefruit, Lime, Mango, Doc’s Spice #2, Scotch Bonnet Chili. /// 441 Jones St. (Tenderloin),

21. Rickhouse’s Kentucky Buck. Invented here and world famous. Strawberry-infused bourbon, lemon, and ginger beer. /// 246 Kearney Street (FiDi),

22. Last rites at the last rites. Your first choice; rum, passion fruit, molasses and spice mix. /// 718 14th St. (Duboce Triangle),

23. Leeward Negroni of PCH Coconut Cuckoo: Gin, Coconut Washed Campari, Pandan Cordial, Bitters. /// 550 Sutter St. (Union Square),

24. The Lost Resort of the Lost Resort. A final word on the subject; gin, chartreuse, hibiscus and lemon. /// 2736 20th Street (Mission),

25. Mai O Mai by True Laurel. clarified and enhanced. Rum, lime, pistachio orgeat, curacao, coffee rum float. /// 753 Alabama Street (Mission),

26. Ernest’s Makrut Lime Fizz. Carbonated Key Lime Pie: Gin, cachaça, sour cream, egg whites, soda. /// 1890 Bryant Street Suite 100 (Mission),

27. Manhattan from The Progress. you believe it Black butter bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters. /// 1525 Fillmore Street (Lower Haight),

28. Martini at Blondies Bar. 16 oz is iconic. Vodka or gin, and your favorite olive filling. /// 540 Valencia Street (Mission),

29. Open sesame from Causewells. Robust sensations; tequila, bianco vermouth, cold-pressed poblano, lime, agave, toasted sesame. /// 2346 Chestnut Street (Cow Hollow),

30. Paloma Slushy from The Lark Bar. Frozen and bubbly. Tequila, lime, grapefruit, guava syrup, sprite. /// 29 Third Street (SoMa),

31. Passengers at the Bottle Club Pub. Boulevard Visit Bermuda. Bourbon, navy strength rum, campari, sweet vermouth, passion fruit and cinnamon. /// 555 Geary St (Tenderloin),

32. Peas for casement bees. it’s simple. Mezcal, peas, strawberry citric shrub, lime. /// 2351 Mission Street (Mission),

33. ABV Pineapple Sherry. The best and worst kept secret (off the menu). /// 3174 16 Cent (Mission),

34. Pisco Sour from La Mar Peruvian Cebichería. The first spirit of San Francisco. Pisco, lime, egg white, bitters. /// Pier 1 ½ Embarcadero (Embarcadero),

35. The prickly pear cactus from The Snug. Safe to touch. Mezcal, Nopal, Prickly Pear, Amaro, Lime, Habanero. /// 2301 Fillmore Street (Pacific Heights),

36. Quarantine order on pagan idols. Please keep it a secret. Bitters, rum, cinnamon, passion fruit, grapefruit, lime. /// 375 Bush Street (FiDi),

37. Red + Blue at Kona’s Street Market. Whip. Rum, sherry, ube coconut cream, citrus and salted jackfruit whip. /// 32 Third Street (SoMa),

38. Red Window Cobbler in Red Window. Oh Sherry! Her two children Sherry, Tangelo, Peach, Fig and Bitters. /// 500 Columbus Ave (North Beach),

39. Screen test in Madrigal. Tom Ka Gai in a glass. Dark rum, kumquat liquor, basil, coconut milk, Thai chili, lime. /// 100 Van Ness Ave (Civic Center),

40. Anina’s Seafoam Spritz. Bouquet all day long. Elderflower, aperitif, lime, prosecco, lemongrass. /// 482 Hayes Street (Hayes Valley),

41. 25 Rusk’s SF Yacht Club. Boat drinks for land lovers. Vodka, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Lemon, Lime, Mint. /// 25 Lusk St. (SoMa),

42. Bix sidecar. Classic and classy. Cognac, Curacao, Lime. /// 56 Gold Street (Jackson Square),

43. Sometimes old-fashioned with cold drinks. The duck will have it. Peking duck fat washed scotch, rye, lemon, pepper, mushrooms and bitters. /// China Live, 644 Broadway (North Beach),

44. Bar Nonnina Modena SlushieShave to order. Gin, Italian Amaro, Lambrusco, seasonal berries and citrus on shaved ice. /// Inside Fiorella, 240 Ninth Ave. (Inner Sunset),

45. Smugglers Cove barrels of rum. A secret mix of rum, juices and spices served in barrels. /// 650 Gough St. (Hayes Valley),

46. ​​Space Adventure Cobra on Ocean Rooftop. May it creep up on you. Gin, farlernum, passion fruit, matcha coconut cream, lemon, and two types of bitters. /// 701 3rd St (South Beach),

47. Spritzzz from The Detour. Become a Spritzface. Aperol, sparkling rose, lemon, soda. /// 2200A Market Street (Castro),

48. Ten Forwards of the Mothership. Loosen the juice. Amaro, passion fruit, lemon, pea flower infused vodka, fennel. /// 3152 Mission Cent (Outer Mission),

49. Tommy’s Margarita from Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant. The art of zen and agave. Tequila, lime and agave syrup on the rocks, unsalted. /// 5929 Geary Blvd. (Outer Richmond),

50. White Cap Martini from White Cap. Salt it. Dry vermouth infused with gin and seaweed. /// 3608 Taraval St. (Outer Sunset),

Passengers at the Bottle Club Pub.(Alex Garrett)


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