The Best Type Of Wine To Drink With White Pizza

If you’re having trouble finding a wine that goes well with white pizza, there are a few options. First, wine her writer Karen McNeill from her book The Wine Bible (per Decanter), considering his 10 rules for pairing food and wine. According to Rule 2, delicate wines go well with delicate dishes, and white pizza is arguably more delicate than its red-sauce brethren. White pizza has much in common with a delicious plate of pasta with butter and cheese, or a cheese board with simple crackers, so search for wine pairings from light-bodied varieties and styles to drink with bread and cheese. let’s start doing.

Rule 4 on McNeill’s list says to choose flexible wines with little tannin and plenty of acidity or fruitiness. Wines such as Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and Riesling from Germany are popular food wines because they go well with a variety of dishes, are less spicy, and go well with a slice or two of white wine. The same is true for red Burgundy and American Pinot Noir from Oregon and California. When white pizza is loaded with fresh herbs or topped with fresh arugula, Chardonnay pairs well with the creaminess of cheese and the fresh green flavors of green herbs and garlic (according to Wine Foley). .Mushrooms and garlic greens.

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